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Second Workshop on Active Power Control From Wind Power

The Second Active Power Control From Wind Power Workshop, held May 16–17, 2013, focused on the benefits and impacts of allowing wind power provision of active power control capabilities including inertial response, primary frequency response, and regulation and automatic generation control. The presentations are below.

NREL and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) have been jointly evaluating the impacts of active power control on U.S. power systems. During the workshop, NREL and EPRI shared the results of their studies and, with the participation of industry experts, facilitated further discussion. The workshop scope included active power control from all technologies as well as a system perspective. Industry experts discussed the latest findings and updates on research and industry practices and the next steps needed to leverage this new form of support to ensure enhanced reliability and efficiency while avoiding any negative impacts.

Introduction and Workshop Overview

Primary Frequency Response From Wind Power, the ERCOT Experience

Moderator: Walter Reid, Wind Coalition

System Impacts of Wind Power With and Without APC

Moderator: Matt Schuerger, Energy Systems Consulting Services

Active Power Control Design

Moderator: Vahan Gevorgian, NREL

Incentives, Policies, and Market Designs

Moderator: Charlie Smith, UVIG

Closing Panel

Moderator: Daniel Brooks, EPRI

Panelists: Bob Cummings, NERC, Charlie Smith, UVIG, Sandip Sharma, ERCOT, Miaolei Shao, GE Energy, Matthew Burt, RES Americas