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Active Power Control from Wind Power Workshop

This workshop, held on January 27, 2011 in Boulder, Colorado, was convened to discuss the research needs and state of the art of providing active power control from wind turbines and wind plants. Here are the proceedings, meeting notes, and list of attendees.

The knowledge from the workshop will help guide research being conducted at NREL, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), as well as at universities, utilities/independent system operators (ISOs), and manufacturers. The workshop included active power control in all forms, but in particular, it focused on the areas of inertial response, primary control (frequency response), and secondary control (automatic generation control regulation). Also, many utilities and ISOs are beginning to evaluate the potential for new standards and policies that relate to these types of control and therefore it is important that they have available the best information about these types of controls for making these decisions.

Introduction and Workshop Overview

Erik Ela, NREL

R&D Objectives of NREL and EPRI

Daniel Brooks, EPRI

Vahan Gevorgian, NREL


Moderator, Daniel Brooks, EPRI


Moderator, Pouyan Pourbeik, EPRI


Moderator, Ed Muljadi, NREL

Group Discussion

Moderators: Erik Ela, NREL and Daniel Brooks, EPRI