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Power Systems Engineering Center

The Power Systems Engineering Center supports the science and technology goals of the U.S. Department of Energy and NREL toward a sustainable energy future. The center works with the electricity industry to optimize strategies for effectively interconnecting renewable resources and emerging energy efficiency technologies in the existing electric power system. The center focuses on resolving grid integration barriers and providing improved control and management strategies for increased grid flexibility, consumer empowerment, and transportation electrification.


Photo of Dr. Santiago Grijalva

Dr. Santiago Grijalva is the director of the Power Systems Engineering Center. Dr. Grijalva is a leading researcher on ultra-reliable architectures for critical energy infrastructures. He has pioneered work on decentralized and autonomous power system control, renewable energy integration in power, and unified network models and applications. He has served as principal investigator of various future electricity grid research projects for the U.S. Department of Energy, ARPA-E, EPRI, and PSERC, as well as other government organizations, research consortia, and industrial sponsors. Santiago leads the strategic direction of the Power Systems Engineering Center.

The Power Systems Engineering Center is made up of three technology-focused groups working toward a common goal from slightly different perspectives:

  • The Distributed Energy Systems Integration group, managed by Dr. James Cale, conducts collaborative research and provides technical support in a range of distributed generation areas, including interconnection engineering and standards, system integration engineering and testing, interconnection interface applications, and policy and regulatory analysis.
  • The Transmission and Grid Integration group, managed by Barbara O'Neill, collaborates with utility and industry partners and provides data, analysis, and techniques to increase utility understanding of integration issues and confidence in the reliability of emerging renewable energy applications.
  • The Resource Assessment and Forecasting group, managed by Dr. Manajit Sengupta, provides expertise in renewable energy measurement and instrumentation. Major capabilities include solar resource measurement, instrument calibration, instrument characterization, and solar monitoring training.
Photo of Richard DeBlasio

Richard DeBlasio holds an advisory role as chief engineer for the Power Systems Engineering Center. DeBlasio has held various senior-level research and development positions that address photovoltaic module and system performance and reliability, distributed generation technologies, and distributed generation integration into the electric utility power system. He is a life senior member of IEEE and serves as a member of the IEEE Standards Board, Board of Governors, and chairs the IEEE Standards Board Coordinating Committee on Fuel Cells, PV, Distributed Power, and Energy Storage.

Supporting Facilities

The Energy Systems Integration Facility supports most of the R&D at the Power Systems Engineering Center. It can be used to design, test, and analyze components and systems to enable economic, reliable integration of renewable electricity, fuel production, storage, and building efficiency technologies with the U.S. electricity delivery infrastructure.

New grid integration capabilities at the National Wind Technology Center will allow testing of many grid integration aspects of multi-megawatt, utility-scale variable renewable generation and storage technologies.

The Distributed Energy Resources Test Facility can be used to characterize, test, and evaluate distributed generators, interconnection systems, controls, and procedures. Standards associations and industry have taken advantage of NREL's distributed energy capabilities to evaluate and validate their products and processes.


Dr. Santiago Grijalva, Center Director, Power Systems Engineering Center, 303-275-3820
Dr. James Cale, Group Manager, Distributed Energy Systems Integration, 303-384-7923
Barbara O'Neill, Group Manager, Transmission and Grid Integration, 303-384-7025
Dr. Manajit Sengupta, Acting Group Manager, Resource Assessment and Forecasting, 303-275-3706