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Metering Solutions Project: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

NREL engineers partnered with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), a utility provider, to develop and deploy several advanced electrical metering devices into a residential distribution circuit with rooftop solar generation. These meters continuously collect high resolution voltage, current, power flow, and temperature measurements throughout various points in the circuit. They also provide detailed information on the condition of the electrical distribution circuit in the neighborhood, and how solar generation and other smart grid equipment impact operation.

The goals of this project are to use a real-world case study to assess the advantages and disadvantages of next-generation power delivery devices and how to use them to improve electric power generation, utilization, and efficiency. The project is focused on evaluating the effect of a high proliferation of photovoltaics on the utility's system, such as how their system is impacted as clouds move over the area.

NREL is also deploying metering solutions into other advanced distribution circuits around the United States.