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Hydrogen Systems Research Project

NREL engineers, in collaboration with Xcel Energy and NREL's Hydrogen Systems Center, have installed and developed a novel and comprehensive hydrogen system at the Distributed Energy Resources Test Facility. The wind-to-hydrogen (Wind2H2) project interconnects various hydrogen technologies including several electrolyzers to produce hydrogen. Components include:

  • Hydrogen compressors
  • 200 kilograms of pressurized hydrogen storage tanks at both 200 Bar and 350 Bar
  • 60 kilowatt internal combustion generator
  • Fuel cell
  • 350 Bar hydrogen vehicle fueling station.

Ongoing hydrogen research topics include development and testing of streamlined power electronics to convert photovoltaic and wind energy directly to electrolyzer stack-compatible direct current power, reliability of electrolyzer stacks when exposed to variable current electricity from wind turbines, and performance and efficiency of electrolysis processes. NREL has developed a significant body of knowledge in hydrogen systems by operating and enhancing this important demonstration project for more than ten years.

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