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High Penetration Photovoltaics Projects

NREL is partnering with several utilities and system integrators to test and deploy high penetration photovoltaic (PV) projects. Each project will enable utilities to implement large-scale PV into the electric grid.

Xcel Energy 8 Megawatt PV System

NREL is working with the utility Xcel Energy and system integrator SunEdison to monitor and analyze the effects of an 8 megawatt (MW) PV system currently operating on a distribution feeder in Alamosa, Colorado.

Arizona Public Service High Penetration PV

NREL is studying the effects of large amounts of distributed PV on Arizona Public Services' utility feeder and its associated customers. Activities include:

  • Creating and validating models to describe the interactions between weather, PV, and utility feeder equipment and operations
  • Identifying technical and operational modifications that could be deployed in future feeder designs.

Southern California Edison

Aerial photo of Southern California Edison showing installed PV panels on the roof

Installed PV panels on the roof of Southern California Edison headquarters.
Courtesy of Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison is planning to deploy 500 MW of distributed solar energy over the next several years. NREL engineers are working with the utility to complete many activities that ensure the success of this project, including:

  • Distribution system assessment
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Laboratory testing
  • Field testing and demonstrations
  • Results publication and information dissemination.