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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Power Electronics

NREL conducts research and development (R&D) of distributed energy power electronics in the areas of hardware, controls and optimization, and testing and analysis.


  • Design and construction of various power electronics converters such as photovoltaic inverters, battery chargers, and new converter topologies
  • Development of low-cost, reliable modular power electronics building blocks and advanced controller hardware
  • Component selection, design, and development of complete power electronics solutions such as microgrid, stand-alone hybrid power systems, and grid-tied distributed energy resources (DER) systems.

Controls and Optimization

  • Development of power electronics controllers in various firmware platforms and programming languages
  • Development and implementation of advanced control functionalities such as VAR control, voltage regulation, stand-alone/grid connected operation, IEEE 1547 capability, MPPT, battery control, smart grid functions, and microgrid operation
  • Development of system-level control algorithms for hybrid power systems dispatch, load management, and resource optimization
  • Creation of a hardware controller platform optimized for control of grid-connected power electronic systems that can be easily tailored to any need.

Testing and Analysis

  • Power quality, pre-standards grid-compliance, efficiency, and other performance testing of DER components and systems
  • Performance analysis, control, and functional verification of energy storage converters and systems.