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National Science Bowl — High School

A photo of a group of high school students on a stage holding a silver trophy and a blue and white banner that reads, "U.S. Department of Energy National Science Bowl®".

The Department of Energy's Office of Science has sponsored the National Science Bowl® competition for more than 25 years. Since its inception, more than 150,000 high school students from every region of the country have participated. This fun, fast-paced academic tournament tests the brainpower of high school student teams on science and math topics. The National Science Bowl provides an opportunity for students to embrace science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) studies as a primer for collegiate success and future STEM careers.

What is the Science Bowl?

This academic tournament challenges high school students' knowledge of science. Student teams are questioned on earth science, math, general science, astronomy, chemistry, physics, biology, and computer science.

Teams consist of up to five students and a teacher/coach. Four students participate on the team during each period of the competition, and one student serves as an alternate who can substitute for another teammate at halftime. See the Science Bowl rules for more general information.

Colorado Regional High School Science Bowl

The path to the National Science Bowl competition starts at one of 65 regional sites throughout the United States. To register for the February 20, 2016, Colorado High School Science Bowl, please contact a representative. Regional competitions typically take place between January and February. The winning team of each regional competition advances to the National Science Bowl competition in Washington, D.C.

National Competition

The annual National Science Bowl takes place at the end of April or in early May. Top prizes for the National Science Bowl winners have included trips to Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, and one-week science research trips to DOE National Laboratory sites and facilities.

For questions about the Colorado High School Science Bowl, contact Marcus Giron 303-275-3047.