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Interviews and Articles

Dan Arvizu has been featured as a guest panelist and interviewed for articles and blogs. Here are links to interviews and articles about Dan's work at NREL promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency research and technologies.

National Science Board (NSB) Chairman on Science and Engineering Indicators 2014

NREL Director and NSB Chairman Dan Arvizu explains how the report offers a "snapshot of where the United States stands domestically and globally" and outlines its most noteworthy themes. Watch the video and view the full report.

E&ETV OnPoint Interview – January 12, 2010

As the Obama administration focuses its efforts on green jobs creation and renewable energy development, NREL is playing an increasingly important role in the development and manufacturing of new technologies. In this E&ETV OnPoint interview, Dan Arvizu discusses the administration's renewable energy agenda and gives his take on the United States'competitiveness on renewables in the global marketplace.

Council on Competitiveness, National Energy Summit – September 23–24, 2009

Technology Cooperation & Deployment for Energy Security & Sustainability panel — Tim Wirth, Dan Arvizu, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, and Ted Turner discuss the role technology can play in achieving sustainability and competitiveness through alternative energy sources.

Stanford University Energy Seminar at the Woods Institute for the Environment – April 1, 2009

Director Arvizu discusses the current state of renewable energy technology and implementation in the U.S., as well as potential advancements in the near future. Watch Youtube video.