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Army Net Zero Energy Initiative

NREL works with nine pilot projects to establish energy baselines, estimate energy efficiency and alternative energy potential, evaluate grid interconnection, and develop an implementation plan as part of the Army Net Zero Energy Initiative (NZEI).

A net zero energy installation produces as much energy onsite as it uses over the course of a year. NREL works with the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Installations, Energy and Environment (ASA-IE&E) to provide support to the following six net zero installations to achieve net zero energy by 2020:

  • Fort Detrick, Maryland
  • Fort Hunter Liggett, California
  • Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, California
  • Sierra Army Depot, California
  • U.S. Military Academy, New York.

Additionally, NREL is working with Fort Bliss, Texas, and Fort Carson, Colorado, which volunteered to be integrated net zero installations, which means they will be net zero energy, net zero water, and net zero waste. NREL is also working with the Oregon National Guard on a net zero energy plans for all of the state's installations.

Learn more about NREL's systematic framework for planning energy projects at military installations in the technical report Net Zero Energy Military Installations: A Guide to Assessment and Planning.

Read more in the fact sheet DOE, NREL Help DOD Enhance Energy Security.