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Parabolic Trough Workshops

Here you'll find information about workshops and forums concerning parabolic trough technology and concentrating solar power. Also, see upcoming events on concentrating solar power.

Past Workshops and Forums

2007 Parabolic Trough Technology Workshop

March 8-9, 2007

Golden, CO

2007 Solar Power Tower, Dish Stirling and Linear Fresnel Technologies Workshop

March 7, 2007

Golden, CO

2006 Parabolic Trough Technology Workshop

February 14-16, 2006

Incline Village, NV

2004 Solar Thermal Electric International Project Development Forum

July 13, 2004

Portland, OR

2003 Parabolic Trough Thermal Energy Storage Workshop

February 20-21, 2003

Golden, CO

2001 Solar Energy Forum: The Power to Choose

April 21-25, 2001

Washington, D.C.

2000 Parabolic Trough Technology Workshop

June 18, 2000

Madison, WI

1999 Parabolic Trough Technology Workshop

August 16-18, 1999

Ontario, CA