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2004 Solar Thermal Electric International Project Development Forum

The Solar Thermal Electric International Project Development Forum was held July 13, 2004, in Portland, Oregon. The forum focused on accelerating activity in concentrating solar power development, particularly in parabolic trough systems.

The technology advances discussed included:

  • Development of power plant projects totaling 150 MWe capacity in Nevada and Spain (i.e., engineering, procurement, financing and other development needs)
  • Installation of a 1-MW parabolic trough-ORC power system for Arizona Public Service in Arizona
  • Development of a 1000 MWe in the U.S. Southwest and a parallel 1000 MWe effort specifically in California.
  • A very active international effort to expand the deployment of the technology.

Attendees also discussed the Global Market Initiative for concentrating solar power. This initiative would set directions and facilitate policy in many countries to accelerate implementation of concentrating solar power plants.


The forum featured the following presentations, which are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Expanding the Market for CSP — the Status of the CSP Global Market Initiative

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 1.6 MB)
Presenter/Author: Morse, F. (Morse Associates, Inc.)

Overview of and Perspectives on International CSP Project Development

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 305 KB)
Presenter/Author: Kearney, D. (Kearney & Associates)

The 50MWe Nevada and 1MWe Arizona Parabolic Trough Projects

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 5.7 MB)
Authors: Cable, R. (Solargenix); Canada, S. (Arizona Public Service)
Presenter/Author: Cohen, G. (Solargenix)

Two Times 50MWe in Southern Spain — The AndaSol Projects

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 3.1 MB)
Presenter: Nava, P. (Flagsol GmbH)

Overview of the 1000 MW CSP Southwest Initiative

U.S. Department of Energy Presentation: (PDF 1.6 MB)
Presenter: Mehos, M. (NREL)

Also see our publications on parabolic trough research and development.