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2001 Solar Energy Forum: The Power to Choose

The Solar Energy Forum: The Power to Choose was held on April 21-25, 2001, in Washington, D.C. The forum featured presentations on the following topics:

The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Parabolic Trough Power Plant Projects

Solar Trough Generation—The California Experience

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 2.5 MB)
Presenter/Author: Cable, R. (KJC Operating Company)

Also see our publications on parabolic trough power plants.

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Parabolic Trough Technology Advancements

Parabolic Trough Wind Tunnel Testing

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 672 KB)
Presenter/Author: Gee, R. (Duke Solar)

Nitrate Salt as Trough Heat Transfer Fluid and Storage Fluid

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 124 KB)
Presenters/Authors: Kearney, D. (Kearney and Associates); Herrmann, U. (Flabeg Solar International GmbH)

Parabolic Trough Developments for Concentrating Solar Power Markets

Posted with Permission from: (PDF 312 KB)
Presenter/Author: May, K. (Industrial Solar Technology)

Solel UVAC Trough Receiver Testing

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 1.8 MB)
Presenters/Authors: Cable, R. (KJC Operating Company); Mahoney, R. (SunLab)

A 500 kW Solar Thermal-Coal Hybrid Electric Power Plant

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 725 KB)
Presenter/Author: La Porta, C. (Capital Sun Group, Limited)

Also see our publications on parabolic trough technology.

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Concentrating Solar Power in the Emerging Marketplace

Commercialization and Outlook of CSP Technologies

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 501 KB)
Presenter/Author: Cohen, G. (Duke Solar)

Project Development Activities in the U.S. and Europe

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 1 MB)
Presenter/Author: Aringhoff, R. (Flabeg Solar International GmbH)

The Commercial Path Forward for CSP Technologies

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 352 KB)
Presenter/Author: Morse, F. (Morse Associates, Inc.)

Perspective of the Global Environmental Facility/World Bank

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 73 KB)
Presenter/Author: Rittner, F. (Global Environment Facility)

Also see our publications on parabolic trough power plant market and economics.

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Solar Troughs I

EuroTrough Design Issues and Prototype Testing at PSA

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 3.4 MB)
Presenters/Authors: Lüpfert, E. (German Aerospace Center); Geyer, M. (PSA); Schiel, W. (Schlaich Bergermann und Partner); Esteban, A. and Osuna, R. (INABENSA); Zarza, E. (CIEMAT-PSA); Nava, P. (FLABEG Solar International)

Optimization Studies for Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Systems

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 175 KB)
Presenters/Authors: Kelly, B. (Nextant); Herrmann, U. (Flabeg Solar International); Hale, M.J. (NREL)

Parabolic Trough Power for the California Competitive Market

NREL Presentation: (PDF 1.3 MB)
Presenters/Authors: Price, H. (NREL); Cable, R. (KJC Operating Company)

TRNSYS Modeling of the SEGS VI Parabolic Trough Solar Electric Generating System

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 539 KB)
Presenters/Authors: Jones, S. (Sandia National Laboratories); Pitz-Paal, R. and Schwarzboezl, P. (DLR); Blair, N. (University of Wisconsin); Cable, R. (KJC Solar)

greenius — A New Simulation Environment for Technical and Economical Analysis of Renewable Independent Power Project

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 3.3 MB)
Presenters/Authors: Quaschning, V.; Ortmanns, W.; and Kistner, R. (German Aerospace Center); Geyer, M. (Plataforma Solar de Almería)

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Solar Troughs II

The DISS Project: Direct Steam Generation in Parabolic Troughs: Operation and Maintenance Experience—Update on Project Status

Permission to Post: (PDF 1.5 MB)
Presenters/Authors: Zarza, E.; Valenzuela, and Leon, J. (CIEMAT-Plataforma Solar de Almería); Hennecke, K.; Eck, M.; Eickoff, M.; Weyers. H.-Dieter (DLR)

Direct Steam Generation in Parabolic Troughs: First Results of the DISS Project

Permission to Post: (PDF 487 KB)
Presenters/Authors: Eck, M.; and Steinmann, W.D. (German Aerospace Center/DLR)

Modular Trough Power Plants

NREL Presentation: (PUBS PROCESS)
Presenters: Hassani, V.; Price, H.

Novel Ionic Liquid Thermal Storage for Solar Thermal Electric Power Systems

Permission to Post: (PDF 68 KB)
Presenters/Authors: Reddy, R.G.; Wu, B.; and Rogers, R. D. (University of Alabama)

Development of a Molten-Salt Thermocline Thermal Storage System for Parabolic Trough Plants

Permission to Post: (PDF 342 KB)
Presenters/Authors: Pacheco, J.; Showalter, S.; and Kolb, W. (Sandia National Laboratories)

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Parabolic Trough Solar Resource Assessment

Effective Accuracy of Satellite-Derived Global, Direct and Diffuse Irradiance in the Central United States

NREL Co-Authored Presentation: (PDF 1.3 MB)
Presenters/Authors: Perez, R.; Kmiecik, M. (The University at Albany); Zelenka, A. (MeteoSuisse); Renn, D.; and George, R. (NREL)

Comparison of Measured Direct Normal Radiation to Estimates Modeled from Satellite Data

Permission to Post: (PDF 305 KB)
Presenters/Authors: DiPasquale, R.; Brown, D.; Chandler W.; and Whitlock, C. (Science Applications International Corporation); Cable, R. (KJC Operating Company); Stackhouse, Jr., P. (NASA Langley Research Center)

NREL North American Solar Radiation Atlas

NREL Presentation: (PDF 1.3 MB)
Presenters/Authors: George, R.; Gray-Hann, P.

Also see our publications and resources on parabolic trough solar data.

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Development of a High-Temperature, Long-Shafted Molten-Salt Pump

Permission to Post: (PDF 543 KB)
Presenters/Authors: Barth, D. (Nagle Pumps, Inc.); Pacheco, J.; Kolb, W.; and Rush, E. (Sandia National Laboratories)

Progress Toward Roll Processing of Solar Reflective Material

NREL Co-Authored Presentation: (PDF 1.3 MB)
Presenters/Authors: Smilgys, R. V.; and Wallace, S. (Science Applications International Corporation); Kennedy, C. (NREL)

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