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2000 Parabolic Trough Technology Workshop

The U.S. Department of Energy SunLab held its third annual Parabolic Trough Technology Workshop on June 18, 2000, in Madison, Wisconsin. This workshop provided an opportunity to review interim progress and get feedback on future directions for parabolic trough research and development.

The workshop featured presentations on the following topics:

The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Agenda: (PDF 17 KB)

Attendee List: (PDF 9 KB)

Meeting Objectives: (PDF 97 KB)

Meeting Discussion: (PDF 22 KB)

Future Activities: (PDF 14 KB)

Parabolic Trough Receiver Development

Receiver Development Activities

U.S. Department of Energy Presentation: (PDF 117 KB)
Presenter/Author: Mahoney, R. (Sandia National Laboratories)
Summary: Discusses the failure mechanisms of current heat collection element design, testing plans for the improved Solel UVAC HCE, and development of low-cost receiver tubes and improved selective coatings

Also see our publications on parabolic trough receivers.

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Parabolic Trough Concentrator Development

EUROTrough Progress and "NEXTrough" Opportunities for an Euro-American Trough Alliance

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 932 KB)
Presenter/Author: Geyer, M. (DLR/PSA)
Summary: Highlights the advantages of the new EuroTrough torque-box concentrator design, and discusses opportunity for joint U.S./European collaboration on development and testing of EuroTrough design

Current Status & Pathway Regarding HCEs, Reflector Panels, Reflectivity Maintenance, Collector Performance

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 338 KB)
Presenter/Author: Cable, B. (KJC Operating Company)
Summary: Highlights the key trough technology issues that need to be addressed from an O&M company's perspective

SEECOT and Development of Lower Cost, Higher Performance Concentrator

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 20 KB)
Presenter/Author: May, K. (Industrial Solar Technology)
Summary: Discusses the Solar Energy Enhanced Combustion Turbine, which uses solar energy to provide absorption cooling on the inlet air of a gas turbine and to generate steam for injecting in the gas turbine

Parabolic Trough Concentrator Development

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 274 KB)
Presenter/Author: Cohen, G. (Duke Solar)
Summary: Highlights a new concentrator structure that uses an innovative joint structure and analyzes the use of a secondary reflector to reduce concentrator tolerances

Also see our publications on parabolic trough concentrators.

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Parabolic Trough Thermal Energy Storage

Thermal Storage for Rankine Cycle and Combined-Cycle Power Plants

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 292 KB)
Presenter/Author: Kelly, B. (Nexant/Bechtel)
Summary: Evaluates indirect nitrate-salt thermal storage systems for Rankine and combined cycle trough power plants

SunLab Molten-Salt Thermal Storage Tests

U.S. Department of Energy Presentation: (PDF 212 KB)
Presenter/Author: Pacheco, J. (Sandia National Laboratories)
Summary: Includes testing of mixed hot salt and oil, evaluation of candidate filler materials, and a demonstration of a 1.5-MWht thermocline storage system at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility

FY 2000 Accomplishments & Direction for FY 2001

U.S. Department of Energy Presentation: (PDF 22 KB)
Presenter/Author: Hale, M.J. (NREL)
Summary: Discusses SunLab's intention to focus on the development of advanced heat transfer fluids

Also see our publications available on parabolic trough receivers.

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Parabolic Trough Power Plant and Process Design

Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Systems (ISCCS)

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 147 KB)
Presenter/Author: Kelly, B. (Nexant/Bechtel)
Summary: Presents several potential advantages of an ISCCS over Rankine cycle trough plants if optimized appropriately

The PSA (Plataforma Solar de Almería) DISS Project

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 1 MB)
Presenter/Author: Geyer, M. (DLR/PSA)
Summary: Discusses testing of advanced LS-3 trough collectors

Also see our publications on parabolic trough power plant systems.

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Feasibility of Using Kalina Cycles in Modular Solar Trough Systems

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 41 KB)
Presenter/Author: Dickson, J. (Exergy, Inc.)
Summary: Identifies air-cooled system designs capable of 33 and 30 percent gross electric efficiencies, respectively

Modular Trough Systems

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 186 KB)
Presenter/Author: Brugman, J. (Bibb and Associates, Inc.)
Summary: Evaluates simple and cascade cycles for use in small modular systems

Organic Rankine Cycle Engines for Solar Power

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 73 KB)
Presenter/Author: Batton, B. (Barber-Nichols)
Summary: Discusses the need to focus on the combined efficiency of engine and solar field, and how Rankine cycle engines appear to be most appropriate for parabolic trough temperatures

Modular Trough-Powered Electric Systems

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 108 KB)
Presenter/Author: Gee, R. (Duke Solar Energy LLC)
Summary: Discusses the importance of power cycle efficiency and how there is generally a large payback for power cycle performance improvements

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Parabolic Trough Market Development

So What's Happening with The World Bank/GEF Solar Thermal Power Projects

Presentation Posted with Permission: (PDF 123 KB)
Presenter/Author: Spencer, R. (The World Bank)
Summary: Describes the Global Environmental Facility's and The World Bank's interest in solar thermal electric technologies

Also see our publications on parabolic trough market and economic assessment.

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