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Become Part of SOLRMAP

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is inviting additional participation in SOLRMAP—the Solar Resource and Meteorological Assessment Project. In late 2008, we established this effort through a pilot project with a limited number of participants. The 2009 deadline for participation has passed, but we may expand the program in the future.

SOLRMAP establishes high-quality solar measurements at targeted locations to enable deployment of concentrating solar thermal projects in the United States. The measurements also provide NREL with critical data for model development and other research that advances techniques in solar resource assessment. At the present time, NREL does not have funding to support SOLRMAP for photovoltaic projects.

SOLRMAP operates via a no-funds-exchanged collaboration using Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)* to define the roles and responsibilities of each party.

  • NREL provides expertise for measurement station design, on-site supervision of station deployment and validation, data quality assessment, data distribution, instrument calibrations, and qualified reports on the magnitude and variability of the solar resource at the target locations.

  • Participants provide resources for instrumentation, site infrastructure, station construction, and on-going station operations. Participants will independently negotiate all matters relating to venue access and permitting with third parties.

Benefits to participants include the following:

  • NREL guidance for station design, siting, and installation
  • NREL expertise in data analysis, quality control, and annual instrument calibration
  • Greater acceptance of data by third-party evaluators
  • Access to NREL solar resource expertise.

Participants are chosen on the basis of a mutual need for measurements at one or more proposed locations. NREL encourages the public dissemination of the SOLRMAP measurements, but data and metadata (e.g., location) will remain confidential at the discretion of the participant.

See NREL specifications for SOLRMAP instrumentation and station maintenance. Download Adobe Reader.

Please direct your questions to:

Steve Wilcox
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

* See sample CRADA documents below (these documents are for your information only and do not represent an offer of participation). The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.