IECRE Certification Support: Task Group 11

Task Group 11 is being formed to support the efforts of IECRE.

IECRE is developing the capability to issue a certificate after a comprehensive inspection of a PV system including verification of the design and quality management of the components as well as the appropriateness of the design, installation, operations and maintenance. To support IECRE's efforts, the Task Force has formed an eleventh group to address the holes that exist. Although much of the work is expected to be done directly under IEC WG3 and WG6, the formation of this Task Group provides a mechanism for communication between the separate efforts.

Task Leader

Shawn Shaw — Cadmus Group
Shilin Fan — China General Certification Center
Chenhui Niu — China Electric Power Research Institute

Additional leaders are welcome.

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Supporting Organizations

United States Department of Energy (DOE)
European Commission DG JRC

Advisory Board