Progress Update: Task Group 10

Task Group 10 is focused on durability issues related to connectors.

Both manufacturing and deployment issues are included for internal and external junction-box wiring and connector parts, which are assembled in the factory. The group will examine evidence and initiate tests on durability and reliability of solder versus pressure contact joints, and susceptibility to mechanical or corrosive failure mechanism. The connectors penetrate the wall of the junction box and are held in place by threaded nuts, which should keep the joints rigid and interior sealed to humidity and dust, and be reasonably protected against external mechanical forces during installation of modules and wiring. Standards and procedures are needed at the times of manufacture, installation, and for field repair/retrofit of junction boxes and associated wiring/connectors.

Progress Update

This group was formed in the summer of 2013 and is looking for volunteers. Task Group 10 is conducting a survey to prioritize efforts.

Task Leaders

Juris Kalejs
Tony Tang — Canadian Solar, representing China
Shilin Fan — China General Certification Center

Additional leaders are welcome.

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Supporting Organizations

United States Department of Energy (DOE)
European Commission DG JRC

Advisory Board