Progress Update: Task Group 1

Task Group 1 is focused on photovoltaic (PV) quality assurance guidelines to improve manufacturing consistency.

Task group 1 is developing a guideline that could be used as a base document for a new IEC standard for PV. The guideline is focused on PV manufacturing processes and procedures aiming to ensure manufacturing quality and the consistency of the produced PV modules to the warranties given by the producer. The ISO 9001-2008 standard is considered a starting point for drafting the guideline and an ISO-like structure must be reflected in the guideline.

Progress Update

A first draft has been completed and has been accepted as a New Work Item by IEC Technical Committee 82, Working Group 2. ("Related Resources" (below) gives an indication of the types of changes that are envisioned). The IEC has formed a Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) to address quality management of renewable energy systems including PV systems. The new CAB held their first meeting in October 2013 and is now defining the rules and committees that will guide the work toward the broader goal of ensuring quality of PV systems. As a small part of the effort this CAB will work with IEC Technical Committee 82 to implement the draft standard described below as a part of ensuring quality of PV systems. The community is encouraged to begin using the draft now and to provide feedback to either the International PV QA Task Force or to the IEC Standards Committee.

Related Resources

Proposal for a Guide for Quality Management Systems for PV Manufacturing: Supplemental Requirements to ISO 9001-2008 — This technical specification provides a guideline for PV module manufacturers to produce modules that, once the design has proven to meet the quality and reliability requirements, replicate such design at an industrial scale without compromising its consistency with the requirements.

Task Leaders

Ivan Sinicco — Tokyo Electron, representing Europe
Yoshihito Eguchi — JET, representing Japan  and leading the IEC work on the New Work Item
Gunnar Brueggemann — Tokyo Electron, representing Europe
Govind Ramu — SunPower, representing the Americas and leading regular teleconferences
Zhou Wei — Trina Solar, representing China

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Supporting Organizations

United States Department of Energy (DOE)
European Commission DG JRC

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