Wednesday, May 10, 1995

 7:45 am  Registration/Continental Breakfast

 8:45 am  Welcome and Introductions - Dr. Bill Marshall, NREL's Deputy Director for Operations

 9:00 am  Keynote Speaker - Larry Jackson, NCSA
                                 "Future Direction for Mosaic and the Web"
10:15 am  BREAK
10:30 am  John Tucker, Apple Corporation
               "AppleWeb Server"

11:15 am  David Bayer, Electronic Publishing Products Manager Information Dimensions, Inc.
               "Strategic Considerations for Electronic Publishing:  SGML,  
                Document Management, and the World Wide Web"

12:30 pm  LUNCH
 1:30 pm  Fran Current, Sandia National Laboratory
               "Corporate Applications via the Web"
 2:00 pm  Becky Verastegui and Nancy Grady, Oak Ridge National Laboratory:
              "Financial Automated Management Environment (FaME)"
 3:00 pm  BREAK
 3:30 pm  Jeff Pack, Scientech, Inc.
               "Duplicating Web Servers"
 4:00 pm  Open Discussion, Moderators: Andrew Tennant and Kevin Hughes.
             Topic: "W3 Conference Update and VRML"

 5:00 pm  Adjourn

 5:30 pm  Reception

Thursday, May 11, 1995

 7:00 am  Continental Breakfast

 8:00 am  Kevin Hughes, EIT
               Tutorial on "Putting Media into Hypermedia"

10:00 am  BREAK

10:30 am  Kevin Hughes, EIT
               Tutorial on "Putting Media into Hypermedia" (continued)

12:00 pm  LUNCH

 1:00 pm  Will Workman, Oracle
               "Integrating Oracle Relational Databases into a WebServer"
 1:45 pm  Carol Burton, Holland & Hart
               "Copyright Basics and Legal Issues"
 2:45 pm  BREAK

 3:00 pm  Eric Hammond, NREL
               "WWW Development in NREL's Analytic Studies Division"

 3:30 pm  Ethan Weiner, DOE
               "Coordinating Web Efforts at a Departmental Level"
          Greg Long, DOE/OSTI
               "DOE's Home Page Activities"
 5:00 pm  Adjourn

 6:30 pm  Dinner

Friday, May 12, 1995

 7:00 am  Continental Breakfast

 8:00 am  Carol Knight, NOAA, Outreach Specialist
               "Education and Science on the Internet"
 9:00 am  Jim St. Marie, Microsoft Corporation
               "Windows '95 and the Internet"
 9:30 am  Roundtable discussion on "cool Stuff" around the lab's

10:15 am  BREAK
10:30 am  Where To From Here; Remaining issues and planning for next InterLab

11:30 am  Closing remarks

12:00 pm  Adjourn 

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