InterLab '94 - Workshop Proceedings

Global Overview and Security Issues

Monday, November 14, 1994

 7:00 am	Registration/Continental Breakfast

 8:00 am	Welcome and Introductions
		David Warner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
		Bill Marshall, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
 8:15 am	Keynote
		Guy Cook, Colorado SuperNet
 9:15 am	Future of WWW?                  
		Kevin Hughes,  EIT
10:15 am	BREAK
10:30 am	Security issues, Secure HTTP
		Allan Schiffman, EIT

12:15 pm LUNCH
1:30 pm Adobe Acrobat Electronic Document Distribution Dianne Eckloff, Adobe Systems Rich Kennewick, Adobe Systems Larry Welsch, National Institute of Standards and Technologies Adobe/NIST CRADA RE: PDF 3:45 pm BREAK 4:00 pm Harvest: A Scalable, Customizable Discovery and Access System Michael Schwartz, University of Colorado 5:00 pm Adjoun 7:00 pm Transportation to Dinner 7:30 pm Dinner at Silverheels

Lab Presentations and Discussions

Monday, November 14, 1994

 7:00 am	Continental Breakfast

 7:30 am	Optional Tour of SERF
 8:00 am	Introduction of Individual Lab Representative Presentations
		Mark Fitzgerald, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
 8:10 am	Ames Laboratory
		Richard Svatos
 8:30 am	Argonne National Laboratory
		Fred Mozur
 8:50 am	Energy Sciences Network
		Arlene Getchell
 9:10 am	General Atomics Fusion Group
		Charles Greenfield
 9:30 am	HEP Network Resource Center
		David Martin
 9:50 am	Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
		Corky Rohm
10:10 am	Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
		Martin Gelbaum
		Jeff Kahn
		Jose Olivares
10:30 am	BREAK

10:45 am	Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
		Jerry Owens
11:05 am	Los Alamos National Laboratory
		Steve Smith
11:25 am	Oak Ridge National Laboratory
		Becky Verastegui
11:45 am	Pacific Northwest Laboratory
		Beth Hetzler
12:05 am	Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
		Steven Davis

12:30 pm LUNCH
1:30 pm Sandia National Laboratory Ed Marek 1:50 pm U.S. Department of Energy Dennis Gnatowski Ron Kraemer 2:10 pm National Renewable Energy Laboratory Andrew Tennant 2:30 pm Extra Presentations and/or Open Discussion 3:00 pm BREAK 3:15 pm Technical and Management Issues Panel Joe Chervenak, Marguerite Kelly, Jim Vander Wall National Renewable Energy Laboratory 4:15 pm Where Do We Go From Here? Mark Fitzgerald and Andrew Tennant National Renewable Energy Laboratory 5:00 pm Closing Remarks and Adjourn

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