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Related Documents and Forms for Solicitations and RFPs

Documents related to Request for Proposals (RFPs) for current open solicitations, including standard terms and conditions, archived appendices, and standard forms are available below.

Please check back frequently for amendments prior to proposal due dates.
If you have questions, please contact the NREL Subcontract Administrator as designated in your solicitation/subcontract or email Business Opportunities.

Standard Terms and Conditions

Appendix B-1 (07/11/14)
Standard Terms and Conditions for
(1) Cost Sharing,
(2) Cost Reimbursement, and
(3) Cost Plus Fixed Fee.

Appendix B-2 (07/11/14)
Fixed-Price or Fixed Unit-Price Level of Effort Research and Development Subcontracts for
(1) Commercial Concerns,
(2) Educational Institutions, and
(3) Foreign Entities.

Appendix B-3 (07/11/14)
Standard Terms and Conditions for Fixed-Price or Fixed Unit-Price Subcontracts for
(1) Supplies and
(2) Services (where Service Contract Act Applies).

Appendix B-4 (07/11/14)
Standard Terms and Conditions for Construction Subcontracts.

Appendix B-5 (07/11/14)
Standard Terms and Conditions for Firm Fixed-Price Subcontracts for Architect-Engineering Services.

Appendix B-6 (07/11/14)
Standard Terms and Conditions for Labor Hour Subcontracts.

Appendix B-7 (07/11/14)
Standard Terms and Conditions for
(1) Consultants and
(2) Technical Services (Where Service Contract Act Does Not Apply).

Appendix B-8 (07/11/14)
Subcontracts and Purchase Orders for Commercial Items (Goods and Services)

Appendix B-9 (07/11/14)
Standard Terms and Conditions for Cost Type Subcontracts with Educational Institutions

Appendix B-10 (07/11/14)
Standard Terms and Conditions for Firm Fixed-Price Subcontracts for Design/Build

Appendix C-1 (03/26/12)
Intellectual Property Provisions for Large Business, State and Local Governments, or Foreign Organizations (Research, Development, or Demonstration)

Appendix C-2 (03/26/12)
Intellectual Property Provisions for Domestic Small Business, Educational Institutions, and other Nonprofit Organizations (Research, Development, or Demonstrations)

Appendix C-3 (03/26/12)
Intellectual Property Provisions for Large and Small Business, Nonprofit Organizations, Educational Institutions, and Others (Non Research and Development)

Appendix D-1 (07/11/14)
Standard Terms and Conditions for Subcontracts in Excess of $650,000

Appendix E (08/05/10)
Travel Requirements

Appendix F (08/01/14)
Small Business Lower-tier Subcontracting Plan

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Archived Appendices

Appendices Issued 08/01/12 – 01/15/13
Appendices Issued 1/18/10 - 10/08/10
Appendices Issued 10/01/08
Appendices Issued 10/01/03 - 12/14/07
Appendices Issued 7/24/00 - 2/24/02
Appendices Issued 10/22/98

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Standard Forms

Representations & Certifications for Subcontracts/Purchase Orders

Representations & Certifications for Commercial Items and Services-Subcontracts/Purchase Orders

NREL Request for ACH/Wire Banking Information

National Environmental Policy Act Checklist

Instructions for Preparation of the Environmental Checklist

Subcontractor's Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data

Price/Cost Proposal Form

Estimated Budget Form

Labor Rate Break-Down Proposal Form

Fully Burden Labor Rate and Expense Proposal Form

Instructions for Submitting Small Business Subcontracting Reports Through Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System

Organizational Conflicts of Interest

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