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Data and Resources

The following data and resources include procedures, databases, maps, and tools produced by NREL. These resources are available for biomass researchers and others interested in the viability and development of biofuels and bioproducts.

Standard Procedures for Biomass Compositional Analysis

These laboratory procedures provide tested and accepted methods for performing analyses commonly used in biofuels research.

Standard Procedures for Microalgal Biofuels Analysis

These laboratory procedures help scientists and researchers understand more about the chemical composition of algae as a feedstock to convert to biofuels.

Biomass Feedstock Composition and Property Database

The U.S. Department of Energy's Biomass Feedstock Composition and Property Database provides data on more than 150 analyzed samples of potential biofuels feedstocks, including corn stover, wheat straw, bagasse, switchgrass and other grasses, and poplars and other fast-growing trees.

Thermodynamic Data for Biomass Conversion and Waste Incineration (PDF 10.9 MB)

This report provides heat of combustion and other useful data for biopower and biofuels research on a wide range of biomass and non-biomass materials.

Biomass Maps

These maps show the technical biomass resources available in the United States by county. The maps estimate the biomass available from various feedstock categories: crop residues, methane emissions from manure management, methane emissions from landfills and wastewater treatment facilities, forest residues, primary and secondary mill residues, urban wood waste, and dedicated energy crops.

BioEnergy Atlas

BioEnergy Atlas contains two interactive maps for comparing biomass feedstock, biopower, and biofuels by location. Choose either the BioFuels or BioPower map.

International Biomass Resource Assessments

These assessments quantify the existing or potential biomass material in a given area, which could be used to produce power, heat, transportation fuels, and various chemical products. NREL has completed biomass resource assessments in many countries.

Glossary of Biomass Terms

The glossary contains commonly used biomass terms and their definitions.