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Department of Energy and Other Agency Awards

Bureau of Land Management

  • 2003 — Bureau of Land Management Award — Doug Dahle — To recognize his efforts on behalf of Wind Energy in the Bureau of Land Management

Department of Commerce

  • Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)
    • 2007 Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy — Nancy Carlisle and Otto VanGeet
    • 2003 Energy and Water Management Award — "Sustainable NREL Program" — National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
    • 2002 Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy Management — Karen Thomas
    • 2001 Energy and Water Management Award — "Energy Efficiency at Zion National Park Visitor Center" — Ron Judkoff and Paul Torcellini of NREL; James Crockett, Larry Kilborn, and Patrick Shea of the National Park Service

Department of Energy (DOE) Awards

  • Housing Innovation Awards
  • 2012 Annual Merit Award — Matt Thornton
  • 2011 E-Star Award — Building the Sustainable Campus of the Future — NREL Sustainability Team
  • 2011 E-Star Award — Near-Zero Materials Waste and Beyond — NREL Sustainability Team
  • 2011 Merit Award for Research, Development, and Analysis of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies — George Sverdrup and Marc Melaina
  • 2010 Innovation Achievement in Training and Awareness — NREL Cyber Security Team
  • 2008 Pollution Prevention Star Award — Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design — Science and Technology Facility
  • 2008 Presidential Award — Leadership in Federal Energy Management — Nancy Carlisle and Otto VanGeet
  • 2008 Department of Energy Award — Greensburg Kansas Project — Lynn Billman, Mary Colvin Werner, and Team
  • 2008 SciDAC Electronic Visualization Competition, Second Place — Cel7A Animation — Mike Crowley
  • 2007 Pollution Prevention Star Honorable Mention – Science and Technology Facility
  • 2007 Outstanding Innovations Award – David Ginley
  • 2006 Pollution Prevention Star Award – Science and Technology Facility
  • 2005 Outstanding Technology Acceptance Award — Larry Flowers
  • 2005 Outstanding Research Achievement Award — Brian Parsons
  • 2005 Outstanding Research Achievement Award — Neil Kelley
  • 2004 Secretary's Gold Award — Richard Truly
  • 2004 DOE Pollution Prevention Best-In-Class Awards
    • "Sustainable NREL Program" — For adopting a New Buildings Design Policy to exceed the Federal Model Energy Code by at least 30% and attain at a minimum a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver rating.
    • Sustainable NREL Program" — For its voluntary recycling program, which recycled 236,128 pounds of materials in fiscal year 2003.
    • "Sustainable NREL Program" — For boosting representation on the NREL Web site in the areas of building energy use, computer power management and recycling; and for promoting sustainability through education and community dialogue such as the June 2003 Stakeholder Technology Forum.
  • 2003 Federal Planning Division Award — Los Alamos National Lab Sustainable Guide Development Team — Sheila Hayter, Sara Farrar-Nagy, Otto Van Geet. To recognize the plan, project, program or building design that best exemplifies, demonstrates and promotes sustainable environmental, economic, and social concepts.
  • 2001 Energy@23 Awards
    • Advanced Airfoils for Turbines
    • Variable Conductance Insulation Catalytic Converter
  • 2001 Bright Light Awards
    • UNI-Solar Triple-Junction Amorphous-Silicon Solar-Electric Module Roof Shingles
  • Department of Energy's Office of Power Technologies (OPT)
    • 2002 Research Partnership Award — Thin Film Photovoltaic Partnership Program & Wind Energy Research Partnership. This award recognizes outstanding research partnerships between the National Laboratories and companies or universities that have resulted in OPT technology advances having national energy significance.
    • 2002 Young Investigator Award — Dr. Yanfa Yan and Dr. Tihu Wang. This award recognizes outstanding individuals at the outset of their independent research careers at DOE's National Laboratories.
    • 2000 President's Early Career Scientist & Engineering Award — Maria Ghirardi

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • 2010 Federal Electronic Challenge, Platinum Award — Peter Hathaway and Team
  • 2009 Federal Electronics Challenge, Gold Award — Henri Hubenka and Team
  • 2008 Federal Electronics Challenge, Silver Award — Henri Hubenka and Team
  • 2006 Climate Protection Award — National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL)
  • 2005 Green Power Pioneer Award - Blair Swezey
  • 2002 EPA Climate Leaders Program Partner — The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • 2002 Labs for the 21st Century — Nancy Carlisle and Otto Van Geet — Dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability, high performance and low energy Labs that will minimize overall environmental impacts, protect occupant safety, optimize whole building efficiency on a life-cycle basis, establish goals, track performance and share results for continuous improvement.

White House

  • 2011 GreenGov Presidential Award — NREL Data Center — NREL Sustainability program