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2000 R&D 100 Award Winner

Electroexploded Metal Nanopowders

Developers: Dr. David Ginley, Dr. Calvin Curtis, Dr. Doug Schultz, Tanya Rivkin, and Alex Meidaner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Fred Tepper, Leonid Kaledin, Argonide Corporation; Serguey Tarassov, Dr. Marat Lerner, Dr. Lawrence Davidovitch, Dr. Gannady Ivanov, Republican Engineering Technical Center; Dr. Joel Katz, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Peter Green, U.S. Department of Energy Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention Program.

Electroexploded Metal Nanopowders is a new approach to ultrafine metal powder production that opens up opportunities in materials science and commercial applications. Electroexploded Metal Nanopowders are low-cost, can be made with a broad range of metals, and are up to 500 times smaller than previous commercially available metal powders. Their small size makes their surface area per volume and reactivity far greater than other ultrafine metal powders.

Commercial applications for Electroexploded Metal Nanopowders include catalysis, batteries, microelectronic contacts, lubrication, sintering/welding, coating substrates for wear or corrosion resistance, and more.