In-Depth Solar Technical Assistance Application

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The application period for working with NREL's Solar Technical Assistance Team (STAT) through the In-Depth program has closed for fiscal year 2014. Please sign up for email updates to find out when the next round opens in fiscal year 2015, which beings October1, 2014. If you have a time-sensitive question or need expert testimony on policy best practices, STAT assistance is available year-round through the Quick Response program.

Selection Criteria

To meet the basic eligibility criteria, applicants must qualify as:

In addition, applicants must perform work that is directly related to PV markets/costs.

Please note that the applicant must be a representative of a state or local government. Non-profit organizations and private sector entities are not eligible.

Successful applicants will:

Due to timing restrictions, some applicants may be asked to reapply in later rounds of applications.