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Call for Applications: Multifamily Certification Scheme Development

Since 2010, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the U.S. Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) have worked to develop foundational workforce resources to support a high-quality weatherization and home performance industry through the Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals project.

As part of this effort, NREL is collaborating with multifamily home energy upgrade professionals to develop multifamily certification schemes in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/International Standards Organization (ISO) 17024 standard for personnel certifications.

NREL is no longer accepting applications for multifamily certification scheme committe members.

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Definition of Certification Schemes

Certification schemes define the competency requirements of a given job category as well as other elements of the certification process as required by the ANSI/ISO 17024 personnel standard. The competency requirements are based largely on the existing multifamily job task analyses, with scheme committees deciding the level of competence (e.g., novice, intermediate, or mastery) for the job tasks, how competence is best assessed (written or practical test), and the weighting of the tasks and questions in certification exams. Scheme committees also identify other certification requirements such as prerequisites, (e.g., years of experience, existing certifications, and training/education), recertification requirements, and a code of ethics and/or conduct.

Definition of Multifamily Job Categories

For the purposes of this effort, multifamily housing is defined as any dwelling that contains five or more living units, which share one or more building systems and has three categories:

Certification schemes will be developed for the following two multifamily job categories:

Multifamily Retrofit Project Manager
Multifamily retrofit project managers direct and assure the successful completion of the building performance assessment, work scope development, and installation of conservation measures to reduce operating costs and achieve energy savings while ensuring the health and environmental safety of the building occupants.

Multifamily Quality Control Inspector
The multifamily quality control inspector is a building performance specialist who inspects installed energy conservation measures in multifamily buildings by observing and measuring building systems and components and analyzing building performance data to verify that project requirements are met.

Selection of qualified industry practitioners is based on an applicant’s ability to: All qualified individuals will then be down-selected to ensure:

Terms of Service

The term of service for committee members on a certification scheme committee is two years. All scheme committee members must be able to attend a three-day scheme development meeting from March 4-6, 2014 in Golden, Colorado. Reimbursement for travel costs up to a fixed amount, and a travel per diem will be awarded to individuals selected for participation. The commitment will also require one to two hours per week prior to the initial scheme committee meeting for training and orientation. The three-day meeting will result in a certification scheme that includes a blueprint of the certification test, and identifying the certification requirements and other necessary components for a certification program.

After the initial meeting, committee members will be asked to finalize details of the certification scheme in order to prepare the scheme for licensure to a qualified certifying body. NREL will not certify individuals but will license the certification schemes to qualified certifying bodies that will use the schemes to create personnel certification programs. When the scheme has been licensed, committee members will be asked to approve the certifying body’s interpretation of the schemes in the implementation of their certification program. This process could require as much as four hours per month, but there may also be months in which no effort is needed.

Scheme committee members will be required to sign non-disclosure and conflict of interest agreements as required by ANSI/ISO 17024. The conflict of interest agreement prohibits scheme members from all training activities related to the certification for a period of two years. Scheme committee members will not be eligible to take the certification test, although an alternative certification pathway will be available.

Multifamily Scheme Committee Application

The multifamily scheme committee application has closed. Please direct any questions to