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Building Technologies Analysis

The Building Technologies analysis supports research and development on technologies and practices for energy efficiency, working closely with the building industry and manufacturers; promotes energy and money-saving opportunities to builders and consumers; and works with state and local regulatory groups to improve building codes and appliance standards.

Building Energy Software Tools Directory

Described here are 283 energy-related software tools for buildings, with an emphasis on using renewable energy and achieving energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings.

Buildings Energy Data

This site includes tables of building energy data, as well as EIA information.

Technical Expertise

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Buildings Research

Researchers and analysts in NREL's expertise in solar applications includes solar water heating, polymer materials, freeze protection, system certification, solar absorption cooling, transpired solar collectors, PV technologies, testing, building integration, codes and standards, solar resources, and financing.

NREL's State and Local Initiatives

NREL helps states and local communities throughout the United States achieve their clean energy goals by supporting renewable energy and energy-saving projects through a variety of technical assistance and technology deployment programs.

Federal Agency Technical Assistance at NREL

NREL supports various federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), U.S. Department of Defense, and others by providing technical and project assistance, training, and resources to help meet and exceed energy and environmental targets.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) HVAC Research

ORNL provides specialized expertise in the areas of heating and cooling equipment, compressor retrofits, and HVAC test facilities.

ORNL Building Envelope Research

ORNL provides expertise in building envelope systems, including advanced wall systems, moisture control, roof coatings, hot-box testing, and evacuated panel super-insulation.

ORNL Community-Based Programs

These programs include a Weatherization Assistance Program, Rebuild America technical assistance, Partnerships for Affordable Housing, State Energy Program metrics and evaluation, and programs focusing on the effects of utility restructuring on low-income customers.

LBNL Windows Research

LBNL conducts extensive research into advanced windows technologies, coatings, optical testing, and software.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL): Buildings

PNNL provides expertise on building energy codes, including model energy code development, removal of code barriers, and compliance tools; and provides technical assistance and grants for states to implement energy codes and training.

Guidebooks and Documents

Energy Savers

Interactive web site developed by NREL to help consumers identify simple energy saving opportunities around their homes.

Builder's Guides

These guides, developed by Building Science Consortium for Building America, contain construction details for new houses and additions in four climate regions.

Home Energy Rating Systems and Energy-Efficient Mortgages Documents

This document collection contains links to NREL research papers about Home Energy Rating Systems and Energy-Efficient Mortgages.

Analysis and Evaluation


The BESTEST (Building Energy Simulation TEST) method evaluates design and analysis tools relative to their ability to adequately model the energy performance of buildings.


A detailed hourly building energy simulation program that aids in the design of small energy-efficient buildings. SUNREL is temporarily unavailable.

Rules, Codes, and Standards

Rules, codes, standards, and guidelines for buildings, building equipment, and appliances.

Appliance Standards

Find out more about DOE's program, the general rules and regulations that manufacturers need to comply with, and the latest information on rulemaking, standards, and test procedures for specific products.

Building Energy Codes

DOE's Building Energy Codes Program is an information resource on national model energy codes. We work with other government agencies, state and local jurisdictions, national code organizations, and industry to promote stronger building energy codes and help states adopt, implement, and enforce those codes.

Learn more about our Building Technologies capabilities and current projects in this area.

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