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Energy Forecasting and Modeling

The following includes summary bios of staff expertise and interests in analysis relating to energy economics, energy system planning, risk and uncertainty modeling, and energy infrastructure planning.

Team Lead: Nate Blair
Administrative Support: Elizabeth Torres

Photo of Clayton Barrows.

Clayton Barrows

Electric System Modeler

Areas of expertise

  • Power system modeling

Primary research interests

  • Power and energy systems
  • Complex system optimization
  • Network science

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Photo of Dave Bielen

Dave Bielen

Energy and Environmental Policy Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Environmental policy design
  • Dynamic programming
  • Time series and microeconometric analysis

Primary research interests

  • Distributional impact analysis of environmental and energy policy
  • GHG emissions mitigation in the electricity and transportation sectors
  • Optimal control of local air pollutants

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Photo of Aaron Bloom.

Aaron Bloom

Electric System Modeler - Electricity Section Supervisor

Areas of expertise

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Project management

Primary research interests

  • Market design under high penetrations of renewable energy
  • Operational impacts of renewable technologies on the power system
  • Evaluating market designs to incentivize efficient behavior

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Photo of Greg Brinkman

Greg Brinkman

Energy Analysis Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Unit commitment and dispatch modeling of electric power systems
  • Emission estimation from electric power systems
  • Air quality modeling

Primary research interests

  • Integration of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and enabling technologies into the electric power system
  • Environmental impacts of renewable energy and energy efficiency

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Photo of Brian Bush

Brian W Bush

Principal Strategic Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Energy and infrastructure modeling, simulation, and analysis
  • High performance computing
  • Software architecture, design, implementation, and testing
  • Discrete-event and continuous simulation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Geographic information systems

Primary research interests

  • Energy modeling methodologies
  • Sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification for multidisciplinary models and simulations, including understanding the limits of predictability
  • Graph and network analysis
  • Approximate reasoning
  • Knowledge engineering
  • Mining and visualization of massive data sets

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Photo of Stuart Cohen

Stuart Cohen

Electric System Modeler

Areas of expertise

  • Electricity system analysis
  • Optimization and data analysis in GAMS and MATLAB
  • Carbon capture and sequestration

Primary research interests

  • Multi-scale electricity systems modeling and optimization (e.g. ReEDS)
  • Optimizing complex systems involving science, technology, economics, and policy
  • Sustainable energy

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Photo of Wesley Cole

Wesley Cole

Energy Systems Modeler and Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Dynamic and steady-state modeling of energy systems
  • Optimization and advanced control of energy systems
  • Analysis of integrated energy systems

Primary research interests

  • Capacity expansion modeling of the electricity sector
  • Interaction of rooftop PV deployment with the greater electricity sector
  • Impacts of policies on the evolution of the electricity sector
  • Interactions of the natural gas supply chain with the deployment of renewable energy technologies

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Photo of Paul Denholm

Paul Denholm

Senior Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Modeling of electric power systems, including interaction of renewable and conventional energy technologies
  • Environmental life-cycle analysis
  • Analysis of energy storage systems utilized with conventional and renewable generation

Primary research interests

  • Effects of large-scale renewable energy deployment in electric power systems
  • Renewable energy enabling technologies including energy storage and long distance transmission

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Photo of Nicholas DiOrio

Nicholas DiOrio

Energy Systems Modeling Engineer & Programmer

Areas of expertise

  • Thermal system modeling, including solar water heating systems
  • System-level simulation using SAM and TRNSYS
  • Software engineering (C/C++/MATLAB)

Primary research interests

  • System modeling tools, including the System Advisor Model (SAM)
  • Numerical methods and algorithms to simulate complex systems

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Photo of Aron Dobos

Programming Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Detailed modeling of PV, CSP, and solar water heating systems
  • Flat-plate PV and HCPV modeling and engineering
  • Systems simulation using TRNSYS and SAM
  • Economic analysis of renewable energy systems
  • Power system scheduling and economics

Primary research interests

  • System modeling tools, particularly the System Advisor Model (SAM)

More information on Aron Dobos

Photo of Kelly Eurek

Kelly Eurek

Energy Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Linear programming with General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS)
  • Mathematical programming

Primary research interests

  • Capacity expansion and dispatch modeling of the electricity sector, e.g. the Regional Energy Deployment Systems (ReEDS) model

More information on Kelly Eurek

Photo of Janine Freeman

Janine Freeman

Energy System Modeling Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Solar instrumentation
  • PV energy production modeling
  • Solar resource estimates
  • Vertical axis wind turbine analysis/wind tunnel experimentation
  • PVsyst
  • CAD modeling
  • Campbell Scientific LoggerNet
  • Matlab

Primary research interests

  • Wind and solar power improvements

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Photo of Bethany Frew

Bethany Frew

Postdoctoral Researcher

Areas of expertise

  • Energy systems modeling and analysis
  • Linear programming

Primary research interests

  • Understand and determine how to meet system needs for integrating high penetrations of renewable energy
  • Large-scale optimization of highly renewable energy systems

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Photo of Pieter Gagnon

Pieter Gagnon

Engineering Analyst of Solar Policy and Technoeconomics

Areas of expertise

  • Design and economic analysis of solar photovoltaic systems
  • Energy system modeling in the hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and solar domains

Primary research interests

  • Characterizing modern drivers of solar photovoltaic system costs
  • Analyzing the economics of both commercial and residential solar systems, with an emphasis on grid parity

More information on Pieter Gagnon

Photo of Elaine Hale

Elaine Hale

Senior Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Mathematical modeling, simulation, and optimization of complex engineering systems
  • Computer programming and software tool development
  • Grid integration analysis, building energy analysis
  • Optimization algorithms for large-scale and uncertain nonlinear programming

Primary research interests

  • Design, planning, and policy related to renewable energy and energy efficiency integration into new and existing energy systems
  • Modeling energy systems across multiple geographic and temporal scales
  • Efficient development and distribution of software tools for solving complex engineering problems

More information on Elaine Hale

Photo of Jennie Jorgenson.

Jennie Jorgenson

Energy Systems Modeling Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Energy systems modeling with SAM
  • Unit commitment and dispatch modeling
  • Integrating concentrating solar power, energy storage, and demand response into power grid models
  • Quantitative/statistical analysis and modeling

Primary research interests

  • System modeling tools
  • Understanding the implications of large-scale renewable energy deployment on the power grid
  • Analyzing technologies, such as concentrating solar power, energy storage, and demand response, and their role in renewable energy integration

More information on Jennie Jorgenson

Photo of Dheepak Krishnamurthy

Dheepak Krishnamurthy

Developer of Agent Based Models

Areas of expertise

  • Power System Operation, Optimization and Control
  • High performance computing
  • Computer programming and software development

Primary research interests

  • Integrated Retail and Wholesale Power System Operations with Smart Grid Functionality
  • Development of Agent Based Model for Wholesale Power Market Analysis

More information on Dheepak Krishnamurthy

Photo of Venkat Krishnan

Venkat Krishnan

Energy System Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Interdependent infrastructure planning
  • Power system operational planning and stability assessment
  • Statistical simulation and data mining

Primary research interests

  • Co-optimization of transmission and supply side resources
  • Energy and transportation infrastructure planning
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Dispatching energy storage in a co-optimized electricity markets
  • Power system voltage stability and reactive power planning

More information on Venkat Krishnan

Photo of Jordan Macknick

Jordan Macknick

Energy and Environmental Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Renewable energy technological characterizations
  • Database development
  • Policy analysis

Primary research interests

  • Interface of energy and water in policy planning
  • Environmental impacts of renewable energy technologies
  • Renewable energy deployment in developing countries

More information on Jordan Macknick

Photo of Trieu Mai

Trieu Mai

Energy Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Electric sector capacity expansion modeling
  • High penetration renewable scenario analysis
  • Linear programming

Primary research interests

  • Implications of large-scale deployment of renewable energy
  • Integration of renewable technologies into the power system

More information on Trieu Mai

Photo of Josh Novacheck

Josh Novacheck

Electricity System Flexibility Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Unit commitment and economic dispatch model of the power system
  • Systems modeling and optimization

Primary research interests

  • Wind and solar energy integration into the grid
  • Sustainable energy systems

More information on Josh Novacheck

Photo of Matthew O'Connell

Matthew O'Connell

Energy Systems Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Wind ramp detection methods
  • Energy storage systems for renewable energy generation
  • Statistical data analysis and modeling

Primary research interests

  • Increased renewable energy penetration in the electric power system

More information on Matthew O'Connell

Photo of David Palchak

David Palchak

Energy Systems Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Electrical load forecasting with artificial neural networks
  • Demand-side management optimization with Matlab

Primary research interests

  • Demand response and renewable energy deployment modeling (PLEXOS)

More information on David Palchak

Photo of Ben Sigrin

Ben Sigrin

Energy Systems Modeling Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Risk and uncertainty modeling
  • Distributed PV and consumer decision-making

Primary research interests

  • Consumer decision-making in the adoption of novel technologies
  • Capacity expansion modeling of the electric sector

More information on Ben Sigrin

Photo of Daniel Steinberg

Daniel Steinberg

Senior Policy and Economic Analyst - Electricity Planning Section Supervisor

Areas of expertise

  • Energy policy and regulatory analysis
  • Econometric analysis
  • Modeling of interactions between climate change and the energy sector

Primary research interests

  • Environmental and energy market impacts of energy and environmental policy
  • Impacts of climate change on global energy supply and demand

More information on Daniel Steinberg

Photo of Laura Vimmerstedt

Laura Vimmerstedt

Senior Environmental Analyst - Transportation, Fuels, and Environmental Impacts Section Supervisor

Areas of expertise

  • Climate change policy analysis
  • Renewable energy modeling
  • Air-quality regulatory implications for energy technologies

Primary research interests

  • Environmental effects of energy technologies and systems
  • Impact of policies and environmental issues on renewable energy markets

More information on Laura Vimmerstedt

Photo of Andrew Weekley

Andrew Weekley

Data Scientist

Areas of expertise

  • Expert systems
  • Scientific data analysis

Primary research interests

  • Time series segmentation and classification
  • Image segmentation and classification
  • Machine intelligent algorithms

More information on Andrew Weekley

Photo of Owen Zinaman

Owen Zinaman

International Policy and Regulatory Specialist

Areas of expertise

  • Executes program of international collaboration with South Africa power sector stakeholders under the 21st Century Power Partnership
  • Coordinates NREL support for the Clean Energy Regulators Initiative
  • Grid integration of bulk and distributed renewable energy resources, power system flexibility, and policy and regulatory issues across the clean energy spectrum
  • Planning tools and processes for effective procurement of renewable energy and network infrastructure
  • Regulatory interventions for encouraging of energy efficiency, distributed generation and utility-scale renewable energy systems
  • Nexus of natural gas and renewable energy
  • Modeling of electric sector regulation and policy in capacity expansion and dispatch models, e.g. the Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) model

Primary research interests

  • International best practices in clean energy regulation
  • Power system modernization pathways
  • Technical and economic flexibility of power systems
  • Design, operation, and impacts of hybrid energy systems

More information on Owen Zinaman

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