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Washington D.C. Office

The following SEAC staff are based in our Washington D.C. Office. They support a variety of programs and activities, and often are the liaison between the U.S. Department of Energy and staff based in Golden, Colorado.

Group Manager: Robert Margolis
Administrative Support: Kaitlyn Wingfield

Photo of David J. Feldman

David J. Feldman

Senior Financial Analyst

Areas of Expertise

  • Renewable energy project finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Solar energy market analysis

Research Interests

  • Economic and market analysis of renewable energy technologies
  • Renewable energy policy
  • Corporate finance in energy sector

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Photo of Thomas Jenkin

Thomas Jenkin

Senior Analyst

Areas of Expertise

  • Valuation and risk management
  • Market structure and operation of natural gas and power markets
  • Economic analysis of storage technologies
  • R&D

Research Interests

  • R&D and commercialization of energy technologies
  • Cost/benefit analysis of renewable technology programs
  • Storage
  • Economic and market analysis of renewable energy technologies

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Photo of Jack Mayernik

John (Jack) Mayernik

Building Energy Analyst

Areas of Expertise

  • Building sector analysis
  • Logic models
  • Econometrics

Research Interests

  • Economic and market analysis of energy efficiency technologies
  • Cost/benefit analysis of energy efficiency programs
  • International and domestic energy efficiency policy

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Photo of Colin McMillan.

Colin McMillan

Senior Analyst

Areas of Expertise

  • Life cycle assessment
  • Energy efficiency
  • Econometrics

Research Interests

  • Systems-level energy efficiency analysis
  • Material and energy flows in economies

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Photo of Monisha Shah.

Monisha Shah

Senior Energy Analyst

Areas of Expertise

  • Energy, environmental, and economic modeling and analysis
  • Benefits analysis (environmental, economic, health)
  • Strategic analysis, program development and management, international capacity building

Research Interests

  • International and domestic climate change policy
  • Intersections between energy, environment, and economics
  • The impact of climate change and energy policy design on the deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Strategies to mitigate both GHGs and local emissions and further economic development in China and other developing countries

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If you have questions about our programs or would like to contact our staff, please email the Webmaster.