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Data Analysis and Visualization Group

The following includes summary bios of staff expertise and interests in analysis relating to geospatial analytics and integrated resource assessment; our energy efficiency and renewable energy data warehouse; advanced visualization; and market enabling applications.

Team Lead: Ann H. Brennan
Administrative Support: Elizabeth Torres

Photo of Jorn Aabakken

Jørn Aabakken

Senior Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Web applications with database connectivity
  • Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, mySQL, Apache, MediaWiki, Simile Exhibit, SVN, Solr
  • Market research
  • Google Analytics

Primary research interests

  • Online Communities
  • Web Applications
  • Technology Characterizations
  • Renewable energy scenarios

More information on Jørn Aabakken

Photo of Michael Bahl.

Michael Bahl

Senior Research Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Software development and architecture of enterprise solutions
  • Process improvement and guidance
  • Scrum Master

Primary research interests

  • Analysis and management of large data sets

More information on Michael Bahl

Photo of Debbie Brodt-Giles.

Debbie Brodt-Giles

Digital Assets Supervisor

Areas of expertise

  • Advanced transportation and alternative fuels
  • Information resources
  • Data management and visualization
  • Online tools

Primary research interests

  • Open energy data
  • International energy data connections and participation
  • Semantic Web technologies
  • Smart Grid analysis and technologies
  • Website design and usability

More information on Debbie Brodt-Giles

Photo of Trish Cozart.

Trish Cozart

Senior Web Project Leader

Areas of expertise

  • Web strategy
  • Web analytics and impact metrics
  • User interface design
  • User experience
  • Project management

Primary research interests

  • Web and program impact metrics
  • Data visualizations and story mapping of historical data

More information on Trish Cozart

Photo of Jon Duckworth.

Jon Duckworth

Scientist II - GIS

Areas of expertise

  • Web Interface Development
  • Spatiotemporal Data Visualization

Primary research interests

  • Client– & server-side JavaScript programming
  • Interactive data visualization

More information on Jon Duckworth

Michael Gleason

Scientist III - GIS

Areas of expertise

  • Geospatial analysis and modeling
  • Scientific programming
  • Multivariate data visualization
  • Technical writing and editing

Primary research interests

  • Modeling technical resource potential for renewable technologies
  • Modeling market diffusion of distributed renewable technologies
  • Analysis and visualization of large volume spatiotemporal and multivariate datasets
  • Techniques for reconciling variation in resolution of spatial datasets, such as small area estimation, spatial aggregation, and statistical simulation

More information on Michael Gleason

Photo of Daniel Getman

Daniel Getman

GIS Scientist IV - Geospatial Section Supervisor

Areas of expertise

  • Project management, client management, and team leadership
  • Development of geospatial data management, analysis and visualization systems
  • Spatial statistical analysis methods
  • Enhancement and analysis of remotely sensed data

Primary research interests

  • Scientific programming
  • Spatial data analysis methods
  • Visualization of large datasets

More information on Daniel Getman

Pamela Gray-Hann

Project Support Specialist

Areas of expertise

  • Internet map server applications
  • GIS web page
  • PVWatts®
  • Outreach

More information on Pamela Gray-Hann

Nick Grue

Scientist II - GIS

Areas of expertise

  • Geospatial analysis
  • Web GIS

Primary research interests

  • Open source energy data
  • Web visualization of energy data
  • Renewable energy policy

More information on Nick Grue

David Harrison

Software Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Data design and database administration
  • Custom software solutions
  • Full systems development life cycle

Primary research interests

  • Oracle and PostgreSQL database management
  • Open source NoSQL implementations
  • Geographic data design, maintenance, and analysis

More information on David Harrison

Photo of Donna Heimiller.

Donna Heimiller

Senior GIS Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Geospatial analysis and modeling supporting multiple resource assessment technologies, regional-scale site evaluation, and energy system modeling
  • Electricity infrastructure analysis
  • Data visualization

Primary research interests

  • Renewable resource development opportunities and issues, within a spatial context (multiple technologies)
  • Renewable resource characterization (multiple technologies)

More information on Donna Heimiller

Photo of Dylan Hettinger.

Dylan Hettinger

GIS Programmer Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Information design
  • Spatial analysis and cartography

More information on Dylan Hettinger


Photo of Jay Huggins.

Jay Huggins

Web Developer

Areas of expertise

  • OpenEI
  • Multi-language coder (Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Python)
  • MySQL, Apache, Bash

Primary research interests

  • LAMP web development and data manipulation
  • Optimization and automation
  • Human-powered renewable energy sources
  • Electronic design

More information on Jay Huggins

Photo of John Krueger.

John Krueger

Web Developer

Areas of expertise

  • UX/UI Web development
  • Front end data visualization
  • Javascript
  • Ruby

More information on John Krueger

Photo of Nick Langle.

Nick Langle

Front End Web Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery
  • UI / UX
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Semantic MediaWiki
  • SEO

Primary research interests

  • Web Design & Usability
  • Data Visualization & Analytics
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Transportation & Alternative Fuels
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Renewable Energy Regulation & Permitting

More information on Nick Langle

Photo of Jim Leyshon.

Jim Leyshon

Web Content/Design

Areas of expertise

  • Data visualization
  • Internet design
  • Content creation/editing
  • Green power markets
  • Measuring return on impact

Primary research interests

  • Analytical/technical illustrations
  • SEO and analytics
  • Resource data

More information on Jim Leyshon

Photo of Anthony Lopez.

Anthony Lopez

Scientist III - GIS

Areas of expertise

  • Parallel processing and analysis of large geospatial datasets
  • Visualization of complex spatial temporal datasets

Primary research interests

  • Conversion of raw geographic renewable resource datasets to technical potential estimations
  • Global renewable resource datasets and analysis
  • Renewable resource characterization

More information on Anthony Lopez

Photo of Galen Maclaurin.

Galen Maclaurin

Scientist III

Areas of expertise

  • Spatial and temporal modeling
  • Remote sensing image analysis
  • Spatial statistics & machine learning
  • Scientific programming

Primary research interests

  • Modeling energy use at multiple spatial scales
  • Information extraction from remote sensing imagery
  • Small area estimation and spatial aggregation
  • Modeling population dynamics and urban growth

More information on Galen Maclaurin

Photo of Meghan Mooney.

Meghan Mooney

GIS Scientist II

Areas of expertise

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Cartography
  • Transportation/mobility

Primary research interests

  • Transportation and alternative fuels
  • Mobility and behavioral dimensions of climate change
  • VGI and mixed methods GIS

More information on Meghan Mooney

Photo of Heidi Pawlowski.

Heidi Pawlowski

Quality Assurance and Process Implementation

Areas of expertise

  • Quality assurance
  • Project management
  • Program development
  • Technical support and training

Primary research interests

  • Quality assurance automation
  • Web development
  • User interface design
  • Process development
  • Project management

More information on Heidi Pawlowski

Photo of Matt Rahill.

Matt Rahill

Web Developer

Areas of expertise

  • Web development (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS)
  • User interface design
  • Writing and editing
  • Project management

Primary research interests

  • Alternative transportation

More information on Matt Rahill

Photo of Billy Roberts.

Billy J. Roberts

Scientist III - GIS

Areas of expertise

  • Spatial analysis and cartography

Primary research interests

  • Renewable energy and cartographic technique
  • Wildlife and energy technology interactions
  • Geothermal technology

More information on Billy J. Roberts

Photo of Chris Webber.

Chris Webber

Chief Cloud Architect

Areas of expertise

  • Cloud computing
  • Unix (Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X)
  • Virtualization
  • System security

Primary research interests

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Automated provisioning
  • System monitoring

More information on Chris Webber

Photo of Jon Weers.

Jon Weers

Senior Web Applications Engineer

Areas of expertise

  • Interactive web applications (PHP, jQuery, javascript, Python, Mongo, MySQL)
  • Custom visualizations
  • Project management
  • User interface design

Primary research interests

  • Engaging mass audiences to promote renewable energy awareness
  • Leveraging linked open data
  • Open source projects

More information on Jon Weers

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