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Sertac Akar

Photo of Sertac Akar

Sertac Akar is a member of the Technology Systems and Sustainability Analysis Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Geothermal Energy Analyst
On staff since 2014
Phone number: 303-275-3725

Areas of expertise

  • Geothermal exploration and production
  • Geothermal well testing and reservoir development
  • Geographical information systems and remote sensing
  • Energy resource economics and forecasting

Primary research interests

  • Developing best practices in geothermal exploration
  • Value of information analysis for geothermal exploration methods
  • New geothermal technologies (e.g. EGS, hybrid power plants)

Education and background training

  • M.Sc. in geological engineering, Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey, 2007
  • B.S. in geological engineering, METU, Ankara, Turkey, 2004

Prior work experience

  • Geothermal Production Group Manager, BM Holdings Inc, Ankara, Turkey (2013-2014)
  • Project Geologist, BM Holdings Inc, Ankara, Turkey (2009-2013)
  • Liaison Officer, United Nations, Nicosia, Cyprus (2008-2009)
  • Visiting Researcher, ITC, Enschede, Holland (2007-2008)
  • Research Assistant, METU, Ankara, Turkey (2005-2008)
  • Geotechnical Intern, Sonar Drilling, Ankara, Turkey (2003)
  • Intern Geologist, Ciner Holdings Inc., Canakkale, Turkey (2002)

Other affiliations

  • Member of Geological Engineering Chamber

Selected publications

Akar, S.; Young, K. R. (2015). Assessment of New Approaches in Geothermal Exploration Decision Making: Preprint. 12 pp.; NREL Report No. CP-6A20-63546.

Ediger, V., Akar, S. (2007). "ARIMA forecasting of primary energy demand by fuel in Turkey." Energy Policy. Vol. 35, pp: 1701-1708.

Akar, S., Atalay, O., Kuyumcu, C., Solaroğlu, U., Çolpan, B., Arzuman, S. (2011) "3D Subsurface Modeling of Gumuskoy Geothermal Area, Aydin, Turkey." GRC Transactions. Vol. 35, pp. 669-676.

Kuyumcu, C., Solaroğlu, U., Akar, S., Atalay, O., Çoplan, B. (2011). "Estimation of Permeability using Simple Multi Criteria Decision Analysis in Gumuşkoy, Aydin, Turkey." GRC Transactions. Vol. 35, pp. 1573-1579.

Kuyumcu, C., Solaroğlu, U., Akar, S., Serin, O. (2012). "Hybrid Geothermal and Solar Thermal Power Plant Case Study: Gumuşkoy GEPP." GRC Transactions. Vol. 36, pp. 1091-1096.

Kuyumcu, C., Solaroğlu, U., Akar, S., Ipek, B. (2012). "A Directional Geothermal Well in Turkey: GK-4 Case Study." GRC Transactions. Vol. 36, pp. 291-296.

Full list of Sertac Akar publications (NREL)