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Robert M. Margolis

Photo of Robert M. Margolis

Robert M. Margolis is a member of the Washington D.C. Office in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Senior Analyst
On staff since April 2003
Phone number: 202-488-2222

Areas of expertise

  • Energy-economic-environmental modeling, including national and global-scale models
  • Economic and market analysis of renewable energy technologies
  • R&D planning and evaluation
  • Long-term scenario development

Primary research interests

  • Science and technology policy
  • Research, development, and demonstration policy
  • Energy technology
  • Environmental policy

Education or background training

  • Ph.D. in science, technology, and environmental policy, 2002, Princeton University
  • M.S. in technology and policy, 1992, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • B.S. in electrical engineering, 1988, University of Rochester

Prior work experience

  • Executive director/research faculty, Center for the Study and Improvement of Regulation, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (May 2002-March 2003)
  • Research fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (September 1999-April 2002)
  • Research associate, Stockholm Environment Institute-Boston, Tellus Institute, Boston, Massachusetts (November 1992-June 1995)
  • Research assistant, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts (June 1990-October 1992)
  • Design engineer, Advanced Sensors Group, Texas Instruments, Attleboro, Massachusetts (June 1988-October 1989)

Other affiliations

  • Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • Member of the International Association for Energy Economics
  • Member of the American Solar Energy Society

Selected publications

Ardani, K.; Davidson, C.; Margolis, R.; Nobler, E. (2015). State-Level Comparison of Processes and Timelines for Distributed Photovoltaic Interconnection in the United States. 41 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-7A40-63556.

Goodrich, A.; Hacke, P.; Wang, Q.; Sopori, B.; Margolis, R.; James, T.L.; Woodhouse, M. (2013). "A wafer-based monocrystalline silicon photovoltaics road map: Utilizing known technology improvement opportunities for further reductions in manufacturing costs." Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Vol. 114, July, pp. 110–135. Supplemental Information.

Woodhouse, M.; Goodrich, A.; Margolis, R.; James, T.L.; Lokanc, M.; Eggert, R. (2013). "Supply-Chain Dynamics of Tellurium, Indium, and Gallium Within the Context of PV Manufacturing Costs." IEEE Journal Of Photovoltaics, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 833-837. April.

Denholm, P.; Hand, M.; Mai, T.; Margolis, R.; Brinkman, G.; Drury, E.; Mowers, M.; Turchi, C. (2012). Potential Role of Concentrating Solar Power in Enabling High Renewables Scenarios in the United States. 29 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-6A20-56294.

Margolis, R. M. (2011). Public-Private R&D Collaboration: Lessons from PV Partnerships. The Future of Photovoltaics Manufacturing in the United States: Summary of Two Symposia. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press pp. 79-83; NREL Report No. CP-6A2-47186.

Drury, E.; Denholm, P.; Margolis, R. (2011). Impact of Different Economic Performance Metrics on the Perceived Value of Solar Photovoltaics. 53 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-6A20-52197.

Coggeshall, C.; Margolis, R. M. (2010). "Consortia Focused on Photovoltaic R&D, Manufacturing, and Testing: A Review of Existing Models and Structures." 44 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-6A2-47866.

Denholm, P.; Drury, E.; Margolis, R. (2009). "Solar Deployment System (SolarDS) Model: Documentation and Sample Results." 63 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-6A2-45832.

Denholm, P.; Margolis, R. M.; Ong, S.; Roberts, B. (2009). "Break-Even Cost for Residential Photovoltaics in the United States: Key Drivers and Sensitivities." 33 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-6A2-46909.

Drury, E.; Denholm, P.; Margolis, R. M. (2009). "Solar Photovoltaics Wedge: Pathways for Growth and Potential Carbon Mitigation in the U.S." Article No. 034010. Environmental Research Letters. Vol. 4(3), 2009; 11 pp.; NREL Report No. JA-6A2-45512.

Denholm, P.; Margolis, R. M. (2007). "Evaluating the Limits of Solar Photovoltaics (PV) in Traditional Electric Power Systems." Energy Policy, Vol. 35(5), 2007; pp. 2852-2861; NREL Report No. JA-640-41459.

Levene, J. I.; Mann, M. K.; Margolis, R. M.; Milbrandt, A. (2007). "Analysis of Hydrogen Production from Renewable Electricity Sources." Solar Energy. Vol. 81(6), 2007; pp. 773-780; NREL Report No. JA-560-40404.

Full list of Robert Margolis publications (NREL)