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Jørn Aabakken

Photo of Jorn Aabakken.

Jørn Aabakken is a member of the Data Analysis and Visualization Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Senior Analyst I
On staff since 1999
Phone number: 303-384-7525

Areas of expertise

  • Web applications with database connectivity
  • Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, mySQL, Apache, MediaWiki, Simile Exhibit, SVN, Solr
  • Market research
  • Google Analytics

Primary research interests

  • Online Communities
  • Web Applications
  • Technology Characterizations
  • Renewable energy scenarios

Education and background training

  • B.S. in economics, The Pennsylvania State University
  • M.S. in mineral economics, The Pennsylvania State University

Prior work experience

  • Associate, Resource Dynamics Corporation (RDC), Vienna, Virginia

Selected publications and websites

Web site - Simple Levelized Cost of Energy Calculator

Web site - MapSearch

Web site - Renewable Energy Project Finance

Web site - System Advisor Model

Web site - Clean Energy Solutions Center

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Coauthor of chapter on "Impacts of Electric Power Industry Restructuring on the Coal Industry" in Challenges of Electric Power Industry Restructuring for Fuel Suppliers, Energy Information Administration, DOE/EIA-0623, September 1998.

Full list of Jørn Aabakken publications (NREL)