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Daniel Inman

Photo of Daniel Inman.

Daniel Inman is a member of the Technology Systems & Impacts Analysis Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Senior Research Scientist
On staff since February 2008
Phone number: 303-384-6845

Areas of Expertise

  • Statistical analysis of temporal and spatial datasets
  • System dynamics
  • Life-cycle modeling of renewable fuels
  • Feedstock production and handling
  • Sustainability

Research Interests

  • System dynamic modeling
  • Sustainability
  • Applied Statistical Methods for sensitivity analysis, time series, and big data/data mining


  • Ph.D. in soil and crop science, Colorado State University, 2006
  • M.S. in soil genesis and classification, University of Tennessee, 2000
  • B.S. in environmental science, University of Tennessee, 1997

Prior Work Experience

  • Research Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, National Bioenergy Center, 2008–present
  • Research Associate, Dept. of Soil and Crop Sciences, Colorado State University, 2004–2008
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Soil and Crop Sciences, Colorado State University, 2002–2004
  • Staff Soil Scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service, 2000–2001
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Tennessee, 1998–2000
  • Featured Publications

    Getman, D., B. Bush, D. Inman, and R. Elmore. 2015. Evaluation of Methods for Comparison of Spatiotemporal and Time Series Datasets. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A20-62647.

    Vimmerstedt, L.J., B.W. Bush, D.D. Hsu, D. Inman, and S.O. Peterson. "Maturation of Biomass-to-Biofuels Conversion Technology Pathways for Rapid Expansion of Biofuels Production: A System Dynamics Perspective." Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 9, no. 2 (March/April 2015): 158-76. NREL/JA-6A20-60444.

    Inman, Daniel, Ryan Elmore, and Brian Bush. "Case Study to Examine the Imputation of Missing Data to Improve Clustering Analysis of Building Electrical Demand." Building Services Engineering Research and Technology 36, no. 5 (September 2015): 628-37. doi:10.1177/0143624415573215. NREL/JA-6A20-60424.

    Inman, D., L. Vimmerstedt, B. Bush, and S. Peterson. 2014. Biomass Scenario Model Scenario Library: Definitions, Construction, and Description. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A20-60386.

    Ruth, M., T. Mai, E. Newes, A. Aden, E. Warner, C. Uriarte, D. Inman, T. Simpkins, and A. Argo. 2013. Transportation Energy Futures Series: Projected Biomass Utilization for Fuels and Power in a Mature Market. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A20-53336; DOE/GO-102013-3707.

    Warner, E., Y. Zhang, D. Inman, and G. Heath. "Challenges in the estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from biofuel-induced global land-use change." Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 8, no. 1 (August 2013). doi:10.1002/bbb.1434

    Argo, A.M., E.C.D. Tan, D. Inman, M.H. Langholtz, L.M. Eaton, J.J. Jacobson, C.T. Wright, D.J. Muth, M.M. Wu, Y.W. Chiu, and R.L. Graham. "Investigation of Biochemical Biorefinery Sizing and Environmental Sustainability Impacts for Conventional Bale System and Advanced Uniform Biomass Logistics Designs." Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 7, no. 3 (May/June 2013): 282-302. NREL/JA-6A10-55199. doi:/10.1002/bbb.1391

    Warner, E. and D. Inman. 2013. "Insight: how will biofuels change land use? Environmental research web." (March 2013).

    Warner, E., D. Inman, B. Kunstman, B. Bush, L. Vimmerstedt, S. Peterson, J. Macknick, and Y. Zhang. "Modeling Biofuel Expansion Effects on Land Use Change Dynamics." Environmental Research Letters 8, no. 1 (January-March 2013). Article No. 015003. NREL/JA-6A20-56291. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/1/015003

    Miner, G.L, N.C. Hansen, D. Inman, L.A. Sherrod, and G.A. Peterson. 2013. "Constraints and Capabilities of No-Till Dryland Agroecosystems as Bioenergy Production Systems." Agron. J. 105, no. 2 (January 2013): 364-76. doi: 10.2134/agronj2012.0243.

    Newes, E., B. Bush, D. Inman, Y. Lin, T. Mai, A. Martinez, D. Mulcahy, W. Short, T. Simpkins, C. Uriarte, and C. Peck. 2012. Biomass Resource Allocation among Competing End Uses. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A20-54217.

    Adler, P., S.J. Del Grosso, D. Inman, R.E. Jenkins, S. Spatari, and Y. Zhang. (In Press 2011). "Life Cycle Assessment of Bioenergy Feedstock Production: Uncertainty, Landscape Heterogeneity, and Mitigation Opportunities." Liebig, M.; Franzluebbers, A.J.; Follett, R.F., eds. Managing Agricultural Greenhouse Gases. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

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    Inman, D., N. Nagle, J. Jacobson, E. Searcy, and A. Ray. "Feedstock Handling and Processing Effects on Biochemical Conversion to Biofuels: A Review." Biofpr 4 (2010): 562-73.

    Hsu, D.D., D. Inman, G.A. Heath, E.J. Wolfrum, M.K. Mann, and A. Aden. "Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Selected U.S. Ethanol Production and Use Pathways in 2022." Environmental Science and Technology 44, no. 13 (2010): 5289-97.

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    Khosla, R., D. Westfall, R. Reich, and D. Inman. "Temporal and Spatial Stability of Soil Test Parameters used in Precision Agriculture." Journal of Industrial Ecology 17, no. 3 (2006): 396-406.

    Full list of Daniel Inman publications (NREL)