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Aaron Townsend

Photo of Aaron Townsend

Aaron Townsend is a member of the Energy Forecasting and Modeling Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Energy Systems Engineer
On staff since February 2013
Phone number: 303-275-3272

Areas of expertise

  • Unit commitment and dispatch modeling of electric power systems
  • Linear and mixed-integer programming
  • Competitive and regulated electricity markets
  • Interaction of renewable and conventional energy technologies
  • Electrical energy storage

Primary research interests

  • Electricity and natural gas market design and implementation
  • Impact of market structure and out-of-market incentives on market outcomes
  • Optimizing complex systems involving science, technology, economics, and policy
  • Integration of renewable energy and enabling technologies into the electric power system

Education and background training

  • Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 2013
  • M.S. in mechanical engineering, Stanford University, 2002
  • B.S. in mechanical engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 2001

Prior work experience

  • Senior Associate, Building Science Corporation, 2004-2009
  • Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratory, 2001-2003

Selected publications

Ela, E.; Milligan, M.; Bloom, A.; Botterud, A.; Townsend, A.; Levin, T. (2014). Evolution of Wholesale Electricity Market Design with Increasing Levels of Renewable Generation. NREL Technical Report, NREL/TP-5D00-61765, September.

Full list of Aaron Townsend publications (NREL)