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Aaron Bloom

Photo of Aaron Bloom

Aaron Bloom is a member of the Energy Forecasting and Modeling Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Project Manager/Engineer - Electricity Section Supervisor
On staff since 2012
Phone number: 303-384-7032

Areas of expertise

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Project management

Primary research interests

  • Market design under high penetrations of renewable energy
  • Operational impacts of renewable technologies on the power system
  • Evaluating market designs to incentivize efficient behavior

Education and background training

  • M.P.A., The John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University
  • B.A. in political science, Michigan State University

Prior work experience

  • Renewable Technologies Subject Matter Expert, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C. (2005-2012)

Selected publications

Ela, E.; Milligan, M.; Bloom, A.; Botterud, A.; Townsend, A.; Levin, T. (2014). Evolution of Wholesale Electricity Market Design with Increasing Levels of Renewable Generation. NREL Technical Report, NREL/TP-5D00-61765, September.

Bloom, A.; Townsend, A.; Hummon, M.; Weekley, A.; Clark, K.; King, J. (2013). Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study: Initial Results (Poster). NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 1 pg.; NREL Report No. PO-5D00-60241.

Cochran, J.; Miller, M.; Milligan, M.; Ela, E.; Arent, D.; Bloom, A.; Futch, M.; Kiviluoma, J.; Holtinnen, H.; Orths, A.; Gomez-Lazaro, E.; Martin-Martinez, S.; Kukoda, S.; Garcia, G.; Mikkelsen, K. M.; Yongqiang, Z.; Sandholt, K. (2013). Market Evolution: Wholesale Electricity Market Design for 21st Century Power Systems. 57 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-6A20-57477.

Full list of Aaron Bloom publications (NREL)