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Annual Technology Baseline and Standard Scenarios

Discussion Draft of NREL 2016 Annual Technology Baseline Now Available for Review

NREL has posted a discussion draft of its 2016 Annual Technology Baseline (ATB) for public comment through April 15, 2016.

Written public comments are welcome and must adhere to these criteria to be considered:

  • Comments must be submitted in writing to by April 15, 2016

  • Comments must include the submitter's name and organization.

  • Comments should identify the specific ATB component and page number or section to which specific feedback applies.

  • Constructive suggestions on specific improvements are more useful than broad critiques.

What to Expect If You Provide Comment

  • Receipt of comments will be acknowledged. However, no information on actions taken to address the comments will be provided.

  • A brief document summarizing the nature of the public comments received will be posted. However, we will not post specific comments or their attribution.

  • Comments may inform the 2016 products; however, we anticipate that comments will be especially helpful in shaping the 2017 products.

The public comment complements invited technical review of the ATB.

Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Annual Technology Baseline. Please direct any questions about the ATB public comment process to

NREL annually documents a realistic and timely set of input assumptions (e.g., technology cost, fuel costs), and a diverse set of potential futures (standard scenarios) to inform electric sector analysis in the United States. The products of this work, including assessments of current and projected technology cost and performance for both renewable and conventional electricity generation technologies, as well as market projections of more than a dozen scenarios produced with NREL's Regional Energy Deployment Systems (ReEDS) model, are applied consistently in NREL's analyses throughout the following year. This annual process is supported by the Office of Strategic Programs of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). The products described below leverage and synthesize the results of significant work on individual technologies/market segments funded by specific EERE technology offices.

Annual Technology Baseline (ATB) Spreadsheet – 2015 Final

This product includes detailed cost and performance data (both current and projected) for both renewable and conventional technologies presented in MS Excel.

ATB Summary Presentation – 2015 Final

This tandem PowerPoint summary augments the data in the ATB spreadsheet with a description and discussion of each of the technologies. The objective of this presentation is to describe and provide context for the information contained in the spreadsheet.

2015 Standard Scenarios Annual Report: U.S. Electric Sector Scenario Exploration – 2015 Final

This document includes the identified standard scenarios, assumptions associated with each scenario, including technology cost and performance assumptions from the ATB, and resulting ReEDS outputs for each scenario, including projected capacity and generation for specific technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Answers to questions raised during the product review period in spring 2015.
  • How do I find the legacy versions of the ATB?

Contact: Wesley Cole