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Technology Innovation at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Text Version)

This is the text version for the Technology Innovation at NREL video.

[intro music]

The video opens with a blue background and the white NREL logo centered on the screen.

The video switches to a blue screen with the title of the video, "Technology Innovation at that National Renewable Energy Laboratory" in white text centered on the screen.

Kristin Gray (Director, NREL Technology Transfer Office) appears on the screen, she is positioned to the left of the screen with office windows in the background. Kristin has shoulder length dark gray hair with black-rimmed glasses and wearing a black jacket with a pink and black scarf.

Kristin Gray:  "So the goals of NREL’s innovation and tech transfer activities are to take the amazing scientific discoveries that are coming out of the lab and transfer them to industry to get products on the market, new processes out in the fields, and to make an impact."

A photo montage of six different images is displayed on the screen. The top photo is of ocean waves crashing onto a beach; the photo on the left is of solar panels; the middle photos are of wind turbines; and the right hand photos are of a corn field and solar panels.

The video switches to a screen with Bill Farris (Innovation, Partnering and Outreach, NREL) sitting down to the left of the camera in his office with book shelves and plants behind him, speaking about NREL. Bill is wearing a gray suit and a white and blue button-up shirt.

Bill Farris: "NREL by design is a market-facing laboratory."

The video switches to a scientist working in a laboratory. Then the video cuts to a woman scientist with a pink shirt, black hair, and safety goggles pointing to television screens explaining research. Another gentleman steps in to the left of the woman scientist and points to the screen, as to explain something about the research.

Bill Farris: "Our goal is to conduct cutting edge research and move those innovations into the marketplace. That’s what we have done for over 30 years and that’s what we will do in the future. We rely on partnerships and collaborations to do that."

A new screen appears with a scientist standing to the left of a computer inside a laboratory in front of a group of people that are learning about the research.

Bill Farris: "That is the heart and soul of NREL."

The video switches to Bill Farris sitting at his desk again.

Bill Farris: "So some of the value that NREL can bring to our partners…"

While Bill is talking, the screen switches to a rotor-type machine that looks like an engine with copper and blue tubes coming out of it. The next screen switches to a room inside of a laboratory at NREL’s Energy Systems Integration Facility. The room has a large window at the top of the screen and inside the laboratory are several green pipes running across the wall, along with laboratory equipment shown below.

Bill Farris:  "…is that we have unique capabilities here at the laboratory; the federal government, the Department of Energy…"

The screen switches to the back of a woman researcher staring at a television screen analyzing research, then it quickly jumps to a researcher in a purple button-up shirt, purple tie, and glasses explaining the research displayed on the screen. The video then jumps back to the woman researcher that explains the research to a group of people inside a laboratory.

Bill Farris: "…has made huge investments so that the people, the equipment, and facilities here are unique. Our challenge is to orient those capabilities to help the private sector."

The video goes back to Kristin Gray in front of the camera with office windows behind her.

Kristin Gray: "So the kind of organizations that NREL partners with run a wide spectrum…"

A cityscape appears on the screen with tall skyscrapers and moving cars going back and forth. The clouds are moving in the blue sky above the skyscrapers.

Kristin Gray:  "…from small businesses to large businesses, government agencies, inside and outside the United States…"

The video switches back to Kristin Gray in front of the camera with office windows behind her.

Kristin Gray: "…private companies, and public entities."

The video switches to a montage of pictures including solar panels, a fuel pump going into a car gas tank, wind turbines, electrical powerlines, waves crashing in the ocean, and  biofuel pipes coming up from the ground. A blue and green map of the United States appears on the screen with small colorful boxes that mark all 17 national laboratories across the country.

Kristin Gray: "We really pride ourselves on the diversity of partnerships that we engage in to make sure that we are well connected to the market, as well as serving the entire United States renewable energy sector."

Appearing on the screen is a researcher wearing safety goggles, working on a circular apparatus in a laboratory with an oxygen tank to the right of him. The screen then switches to a researcher’s hand tightening the top of the apparatus with a wrench. Another screen switches over to a dark-haired woman researcher with a lab coat and safety glasses—she is smiling with the laboratory out of focus in the background.

Kristin Gray: "The benefits to organizations partnering with NREL are to de-risk their technology to work with scientists…"

Large, square concentrating solar power panels located in a field with blue skies behind them appear on the screen.

Kristin Gray:  "…facilities, and…"

The screen switches to a gentleman in a yellow button up shirt with a badge working on some testing equipment in a laboratory.

Kristin Gray: "…equipment that they may not otherwise have access to."

A dark-haired male researcher with a white lab coat and safety glasses working on a computer appears on the screen.

Kristin Gray: "NREL has some world-class scientists, world-class facilities, and world-class capabilities…"

The screen then switches to a dark-haired male researcher with a blue shirt on filling up a canister with water at a sink in the laboratory and machines in the laboratory are visible in the background.

Kristin Gray: "…to which we give our partners access in a partnering agreement."

The video shows several keyboards, a computer, and a yellow machine, along with a gentleman wearing safety glasses looking at a computer in a laboratory with his back to the camera.

Kristin Gray: "The NREL research community, the scientists and engineers…"

The video switches back to Kristin Gray in front of the camera with office windows behind her.

Kristin Gray: "…have unparalleled accomplishments in publication…"

On the screen is a balding gray-haired researcher with black safety goggles bending down, along with a dark-haired female researcher behind him to the left, and a bald-headed male researcher to the right of them bending down to take a look at a machine that they are working on. The screen switches to a cityscape including skyscrapers, solar panels, blue skies, and clouds.

Kristin Gray: "…in innovation, in patenting, and impact in the marketplace."

The video switches back to Kristin Gray in front of the camera with office windows behind her.

Kristin Gray: "The volume, and again, the quality of intellectual property, and…"

The screen shows a yellow machine with a mechanical arm with a drill moving around and drilling into metal in a laboratory.

Kristin Gray: "…scientific and engineering ideas coming out of the lab are unprecedented in our peers."

The screen switches to David Ginley (NREL Research Fellow) speaking to the left of the camera with a blue world map with several rectangular country maps shown as the background behind him. David is wearing a blue and white striped button-up shirt, has a gray beard and gray hair.

David Ginley: "We have a lot of capabilities at the national lab. Like all of the national labs have a lot of capabilities. And I think part of our mission is to make an impact, not just in the fields of basic science and technology but also in terms of the real impacts in society. The best way to do that is to work with companies who can take what we know or technologies we’ve developed and turn them into real marketable products."

Blue screen appears with the white NREL logo centered on the screen.

[exit music]