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NREL Overview Video (Text Version)

This is a text only version for the NREL Overview video. Learn more about NREL here on the NREL Overview page.

Dr. Dan Arvizu, Laboratory Director "Our mission here at NREL is to move technology more rapidly into the marketplace. This is advanced technology that has the attributes of a sustainable energy economy."

Rob Guglielmetti, Engineer 3 "This is actually the only national laboratory that's solely devoted to renewable technology and promoting the use of renewable technologies."

Kate Anderson, Manager of Technical Assessment & Screening Section "A lot of the lab does research but in our area we're helping to get that research out of the lab and into the marketplace.

Arvizu "Our portfolio of industry partnerships is unparalleled within the national lab system."

Joseph Berry, Senior Scientist "The things that we do here really do have impact directly to what people are doing in industry.

Ian Baring-Gould, Wind Technology Deployment Manager "And over the last fifteen years we've really gone from a technology that was yes at some point in the future we'll be able to do that, it'll be great when that happens, to now the United States and across the world, we're doing large scale implementations of all sorts of renewable energy technologies."

Kirsten Orwig, Systems Integration Analyst "I love working at NREL. The people are fantastic and the work we do makes such a great difference for both the nation and the world."

Arvizu "The investment in clean energy really provides us energy security opportunities, environmental impact improvement that can be quite dramatic, and also competiveness in the marketplace."

Baring-Gould "So I think NREL kind of is in a very unique place amongst not only laboratory organizations but across the world in how we look into the future and how we meet the energy needs not only of our nation but of the world."

Teresa Alleman, Senior Chemist, Fuels Performance Group "It makes me so excited to come to work every day to know that I'm doing something that makes a difference. And it matters. And it doesn't just matter to me, or to my family, but to my community around me and the planet as a whole. It makes it an amazing place to work."