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Angelo Mascarenhas — Research Fellow

Photo of Angelo Mascarenhas.

Dr. Angelo Mascarenhas is a manager of the Materials Sciences Group and project leader for Solid-State spectroscopy in the Materials & Chemical Sciences and Technology directorate at NREL. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Pittsburgh in 1986 under the guidance of Prof. W.J. Choyke (formerly at Westinghouse Labs) and did postdoctoral research with Dr. Jaques Pankove, SERI (formerly at RCA David Sarnoff Labs). Since then he has been working at NREL in the area of spectroscopic research on semiconductor materials for photonics and advanced Solar Cells. He was the project leader for Solid State Spectroscopy for the past 25 years and has done extensive research on harnessing the material consequences of semiconductor alloy instabilities such as spontaneous ordering and spontaneous composition modulation for optoelectronic applications. His present research focuses on materials for solid-state lighting, voltage-matched solar cell architectures, and plasmon-light interactions for energy transport applications.

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